Weekly Workout Wrap Up & Closet Peek

Workout Wrap Up

May 3

Workouts were a little lighter than usual this week thanks to an unexpected cold! My throat started to hurt on Monday and Wednesday morning I went to the docs and got put on antibiotics.


That Throat Coat tea was incredible. If you ever have a sore throat you need to run out and buy that immediately. At least the two days I was stuck inside resting it was crazy stormy out - perfect sick weather! I'm feeling much better now but am looking forward to some killer workouts next week.

I'm pumped to be having fun trying new workouts out now that my world isn't revolving around training for a half marathon. I'm planning to focus on speed work, strength training (hello abs and arms!), and possibly some swimming this summer. I tried two new workouts this week that I will review in full soon but I will go ahead and say I loved both of them. Ballet Beautiful was so different from my normal workouts, but I haven't been that sore after working out in months (and there is zero weights used in the program!)


F.I.T was the highest calorie burning DVD I've used to date - that's what's up!


On Thursday I decided to do a major cleaning of my apartment. I usually keep it super clean but I decided to go through my closet and dresser to reorganize everything and find stuff to donate. I ended up with 3 bags of clothing to take to goodwill! For whatever reason, this video tour of my apartment on youtube has received about 15x's more views than any other video I've posted. I guess people just like to see how other's live? One of the questions I've been asked a few times is what my closet looks like so, now that it's so fresh and so clean clean, here it is:


The two sets of shelves on the top are incredible. They are they only storage spots I have in the whole studio. The shoe rack is definitely essential (although I only wear about 2 of those pairs on a regular basis) as are the various storage units on the floor. The middle and right units are craft supplies, and the one on the left holds the stuff for all the classes I teach. It's a tight fit but I think it's organized well! IMG_6494

As of today at noon I will be officially done with the Spring semester! I think some celebrating this weekend is in order. I probably won't do to much as I've got my awesome Gainesville/Cumberland Island trip next weekend. I'll have the entire week off before the Summer term starts and plan to do lot of blog related stuff and hopefully pester some friends I haven't seen in ages.

If you had an entire week off what would you do?