Weekly Workout Wrap Up + Giveaway Sneak Peek!

I've had an incredible week of workouts! It's actually quite ironic since my energy level has been ridiculously low this week due to stress from the term ending and grading 160 papers. Things are looking much better now since I only have 30 left and my last day of lecturing before finals is Tuesday . I may start the celebrating early this weekend!

I set 3 new Personal Records this week: farthest distance ran (8 miles), longest time in plank (2:35) and best 5k time(28  minutes)! I've noticed now that I'm running more that it's difficult to give the same attention to strength training as I used to. That's why I'm doing a modified version of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon training plan. I've stretched mine out to 4 months instead of 3 so I can keep doing the Barre workouts and strength routines that I love so much.

My random Salem shot from the week:

That was on Wednesday morning when I woke up at 5 (usual time) and was so tired eating breakfast and working on my computer that I was falling asleep in my oatmeal. I took it as a sign and went back to bed for a nap. Who naps at 8 a.m.?

Yesterday was an incredible mail day for me! Every year since I can remember my Grandmother sent my Mom a box of chocolates and nuts from the most delicious shop in Canton, Ohio (where they used to live). It's been years since I've had any. Not that Grandma wasn't sending it still, but by the time I got to my parents house for Christmas it would be all gone and I'd throw a full on temper tantrum over not getting any, again.

Not this year! I've got a bag of each all to myself. Willpower be damned, it's Christmas.

The nuts are fried in oil or something terrible for you and I can eat about 1/2 a cup before my stomach starts hating me. The pain, it just hurts so good! I haven't tried any of the chocolates yet. My plan is to keep them in the fridge and have one a night after dinner.

I give that until this weekend then I'm sure I'll be up to 2 a day. If your looking for some treats to give this Holiday season you can order them online through the Heggy's website here. Don't blame me for any subsequent Heggy's addictions.

The other package I received was from Premier Protein! When they offered to send me some to try I jumped at the chance since I'm a self-proclaimed protein bar junkie. Isn't the packaging adorable? It was like opening up a delicious present!

Best part? I'll be hosting a Premier Protein giveaway on the blog on Monday! Come back then for all the yummy details and my review of the items I'll try over the next few days.

Nothing to big on the agenda for the weekend. I'm hoping to get my long run in on Saturday than spend the rest of the afternoon looking for furniture for my new place. I'm moving to save money so I'm going to try to find things at consignment/thrift shops. I'm mostly looking for a smaller kitchen table and a giant bookshelf. I have 5 bookshelves now and I need to condense them into one piece. Sunday will be the usual grocery shopping + meal prepping for the week. Hoping to find some new recipes to try out!

What is everyone else up to? Now that I'm finally getting some free time again I miss watching movies on Netflix! Any good comedy/period piece suggestions?