Weekly Workout Wrap-Up & Showing Off My Goodies

No, not those goodies ;) Workout Wrap Up


Feb 22

{My reviews of the DVD's listed above can be found here}

Notice anything different about this week's workout?

Yoga! I've only taken 3 yoga classes my entire life and two of them have been in the past week. I did Bikrim in New Orleans Sunday before I left town and yesterday I met up with the eternally charming Jessica to try a local studio's hot yoga class. The hot yoga was nothing like Bikrim but I still enjoyed it. Bikrim is done in 105 degree temperatures and it's the same 26 poses in every class. This hot yoga was just that - a regular yoga class done in 90ish degree heat. I wore my Heart Rate monitor and burned about 150 calories in the 75 minute class. It's hard for me to let go of the idea that yoga should be a 'real' workout so I can enjoy it for what it is. I'm sure the increased flexibility from yoga will help my running and strength training and the mental  benefits are unmatched by any other activity. I also love that I crave ridiculously fresh, whole foods after yoga class. I had a gigantic green smoothie for dinner when I got home last night (followed by a Vitatop and peanut butter with honey - it all evens out.)

I came home to find my latest Amazon purchase on my doorstep. This ridiculously amazing Coloring Book for Grown-Ups I found on Amazon Tuesday (and man do I take advantage of that free 2-Day shipping with my Prime membership!)

Coloring for Grown Ups

The moment I saw this page in the book I knew I had to buy it (especially since I just tweeted the day before that I kept seeing hot guys in NOLA and couldn't tell if they were homeless, or artists):


My personal favorite:

2013-02-21 20.31.42

Now on to the real goodies I was referring to at the start of this blog - the amazing Valentines that have been flooding my mailbox for the last week!


My friend Elaine (the same one I visited in New Orleans last weekend) is an incredible artist and made the 'peep show' card you see front and center. Isn't it amazing? I am so touched by all the love and time that was put into the cards and gifts I received! Thank you Jessica, Elaine, Haley (124 Days!), Anand, Melissa A., Melissa H., Kammie, and Nicole. IMG_6074

Last, but definitely not least, Natasha sent me this incredible crochet heart pillow. omg. I can't even imagine how long this must have taken. Salem and I have already cuddled with it numerous times. It is such a nice pop of color on my neutral couch!


I will absolutely be sending out homemade cards again. It is an unfortunate dying art form! I'm not sure which Holiday it will be (ya'll should remember my obsession with Halloween) but I'm going to look for a sponsor next time to help defray costs so I can include my amazing Canada friends!

Life is looking pretty rosy for me right now. Spring Break is a month away (and I'm hoping for either a close over-night trip or a few day trips during that time), I've got tons of fun activities on the agenda for this weekend, and I'm back into a major reading/art project kick. The last few weeks have been pretty boring with working 10-12 hour days between teaching and the blog, and I'm finally starting to slow down enough to remember to actually live every once in a while.

In the spirit of my latest learning kick I'll leave with a few questions:

- Favorite non-fiction book?

- Favorite documentary? (Preferably on Netflix!)

- Favorite art/craft project?