Weekly Workout Wrap-Up (Sort of)

Workout Wrap Up

Jan 18 (2)

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Well, it's been an interesting week. I always knew I used exercise as a form of self-medication but I had no idea the type of withdraw I would go through not being able to get that daily adrenaline high like I'm used to! It didn't help that the weather here has been total crap all week - hot and humid so I couldn't even open my windows despite being virtually bed/couch ridden since last Thursday. Sunday-Tuesday were rough ... I broke down crying a few times from frustration and pain. Just taking the garbage out was a massive ordeal. I know it's so cliche people but value your health. Seriously.

As of now my knee feels ... better. Today is the first time I was able to walk down a flight of stairs like normal and without pain. For the last week I had to go down them side ways as putting regular pressure on my left leg facing straight ahead was unbearable! I've been stretching and using the foam roller - a lot. One of my favoritest bloggers ever, Jen, has a great explanation and video tutorial on how to foam roll that I used. I've been doing that twice a day, and after icing my knee the first few days I switched to keeping heat on it which felt just fabulous. I've only taken advil once a day, before teaching so I can stand in class, and otherwise my treatment has been staying off it as much as possible. Of course I had to workout just a little bit so I've been doing very modified, low-intensity, versions of my two favorite Jillian Michael's DVD's. My beloved Polar showed that I burned half the calories I normally do during each workout so I promise I was taking it easy! My big goal for today? Walk. If that goes well maybe a short run this weekend.

The half marathon is scheduled for next weekend. Who know's what will happen with that.

In much better news my ultimate life goal is well on its way to becoming a reality:


I have no shame. One day - John will realize we are meant to be together.

Finally, some odds and ends:

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