Weekly Workout Wrap Up - Thanksgiving Edition

Workout routine looks pretty typical. The only things that's been changing lately is my running and I will be doing a full blog on that next week! I'm trying to get into strength more so I haven't been doing barre workouts as frequently as I used to. I'm working on practicing in new areas of fitness to prepare for the new training gig I'll be starting in January!

Thanksgiving was absolutely perfect. Despite a bizarrely early wake-up time (4:43 a.m.!) I was able to get a great workout in before heading over to Fort Walton to hang with the family. Mom made the best Thanksgiving meal yet - it was a gourmet quality spread!  The house was decked out in Fall decor and Christmas music was playing when I walked in. It's always such a great feeling to come home!

The boys had steak and Mom and I had stuffed portobellos, a MIND-BLOWING carrot salad (seriously, I can't wait to share the recipe with you all!) and an equally delicious orange, walnut & goat cheese salad.

After lunch we took some obligatory family photos. Mom is allergic to the camera.

We ate pretty early so we could make it to see Skyfall at the Rave in Destin. I've never seen a James Bond movie so I was pretty excited and I hadn't been to a movie in ages. The Destin Commons had their Christmas Tree up - don't you love how well it compliments the palm trees?

In the theater I couldn't resist posing with the new Hitchcock movie poster.

Apparently if I am about to be murdered my go-to defense is to do the wave.

After the movie I stopped back by the house to have dinner before heading out. By dinner I mean 2 pieces of pie. Really. My Thanksgiving meal was pretty damn healthy and I rarely have dessert so I went for it. I started off with a half slice of both pumpkin and a chocolate pudding pie and ended up going back for another half slice of each 20 minutes later. Honey badger don't give a shit.

I also found out that my Mom's been buying and storing Christmas things for me for 10 years to give to me once I got married. She finally realized it's probably better to just go ahead and let me enjoy the items than wait for that to ever happen! I'm lucky that my parents really put zero pressure on me to get married or have kids. I think the only expectation they have for me is to work hard and be happy. Mission Accomplished!

I'll post pictures of all my Holiday decor next week! I'll leave with a few random Instagram shots from the last few days. Salem decided he wanted to be the first present under my tree and it the photo of me is on my way to FWB on Thanksgiving. In a tank top. #GoFlorida.

So, who all is participating in Black Friday Shopping today? I've gone before just to people watch! I'm going to work a bit today but I'm kind of at a loss with what to do with myself with 3 days off - what is everyone else up to?