Weekly Workouts & Marathon Training Update

Workout Wrap UpAug 15

Well - my marathon training has hit its first hiccup. I ran 11 miles with the group on Saturday and felt incredible during the run. I was hydrated, maintaining pace with the group the whole time, and just felt like it was a really, really good run. I even took my first ice bath after! However, I felt a slight soreness in my right achilles that progressively got worse as the weekend went on.

Come Monday I got up ready to tackle my prescribed 5 miles and quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. My achilles and shins were on fire. I ended up walking for a bit and coming home totally dejected. I mean, not even a month in and I'm sidelined? I'm hyper-vigilant about injuries given the knee, hip and back issues I experienced with my half-marathon this Spring. I panicked and emailed the training coordinator at Running Wild who put me in touch with Paul (co-owns Running Wild with his wife.) He asked if I could come in so he could take a look at my foot and I managed to get in to see him that day.

If I haven't said it enough already - I freaking love that entire store. Paul spent over an hour with me feeling my ankle, looking at my stance, and giving me ideas on how to treat my issue. He nicely tried to explain that my 'well developed' calf muscles were the cause of my problems (I remember getting teased by boys in middle school over my calfs, they are totally boss.) In the last year of running I've avoided hills like the plague. Literally, if I saw one I'd run in the opposite direction. That's coming back to bite me now as our long runs cover a lot of hills and my calf muscles are exploding because of it. That tightness is spreading to my achilles/soleus muscle and my treatment plan is lots and lots of trigger point and massage. 2013-08-12 18.42.11-2

He also told me to take an endurolyte before bed to make sure I'm super hydrated. Hydrated muscles heal faster! Trigger Point is muchΒ more intense than foam rolling and I plan to do a complete review of the kit after I use it for a few weeks. It's pricey, but after Paul had me use it for 20 minutes in the store I was able to go outside and run virtually pain free. The pain was back the next day but I was able to run Tuesday and Thursday. I'm doing TP 2x a day, massaging the soleus/achilles area and not using ice, heat or lower leg stretching (per Pauls advice!)

Paul asked that I email him Tuesday after my run to let him know how it went. I told him I'm going to be one of his most high-maintenance trainees! I even included this photo pointing out the exact area of my pain:

2013-08-13 08.27.18Thursdays run was one of the most painful of my life, but I did it. I cursed out loud, a lot. When I got home I was limping around my house getting ready for work.2013-08-15 07.21.30The limping continued all day at work and it was ... challenging, for me to even walk up and down the office. One of the doctors (a marathon runner himself) noticed and offered to let me get an MRI done to make sure there isn't any fraying of the achilles area. I love my job! I don't think that will be necessary for now, especially since I stopped by Publix after work to grab a few things and by the time I got home I was 100% pain free. So bizarre. I read countless testimonials of people online who use TP and said it was their last resort after everything else failed and it totally saved their ability to run. If my legs continue to feel as good as they do right now, and I'm able to bust out another hilly LR this weekend, I'll be shouting the praises of TP from the mountaintops.

Besides, check out this pic from Tuesday's run. How could I possibly live without my pink sunrise jogs?

2013-08-13 06.09.59

Have you ever heard of, or tried, trigger point?

What would you do if you were suddenly unable to perform your favorite exercise?Β