Weekly Wrap Up

Workout Wrap Up

Dec 14.png

I went a little light on my workouts this week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I did just 30 minutes of strength (as opposed to my usual 45-60) and I didn't do sprints as planned on Thursday. I'm now having my students tell me that I look really tired so I'm taking it as a sign I need to rest up! I did reach a distance PR on Sunday and a plank PR Tuesday (the same day I happened to wear some rocking Hello Kitty arm warmers):

2012-12-11 07.59.35

After this week I have one more final to give out and the Fall term will be over. It's always shocking how quickly it goes by. I've had some incredible students this year! Here are some pictures I took this past week of school related items:


The top picture is from this random student survey I found in my class this week from 2001 with some pretty epic answers. Bottom left is one of the 'goodbye' notes a student left on their final exam and the last photo is a very thoughtful Starbucks gift card I received!

Since I haven't had to prepare lectures this week I've had a bit more free time than usual. I started watching Bleak House on Netflix and if you haven't seen it, and are a fan of period pieces, you must watch it immediately. Gillian Anderson is absolutely spectacular in it! I finished the entire series in one week and sent this tweet to MasterpiecePBS which they retweeted and I got a ton of great feedback on!

If you've seen the show, you get it ;)

Watching the series has also reignited my obsession with Victorian Life. I'm currently a quarter way through this book and it is one of the best I've read on life in the Victorian Era.


Victorian Home


Last nerd plug - if you are also interested in that time period I found one of my favorite documentary series "What the Victorians Did for Us" on Youtube!

As for the coming weekend I'm going to try to get in the Christmas spirit a bit. I've got tons of presents to wrap and I'm thinking about baking some cookies up if I can find friends willing to take them off my hands! I'm going to attempt a 9.5 mile run on Saturday but I'll honestly be okay if I just make it to 9 again. I've even got plans to go out and be social, gasp!

I'll leave you with this photo my friend posted on facebook last week. I cannot control myself from laughing even if I just think about it.

2012-12-12 03.01.52 (2)

Is it just me or does it not feel like Christmas yet?

Does anyone else have a obsession with a certain time period? I've met a lot of Renaissance nerds, not so many Victorians!