Weight loss not always good for romantic relationships

As I make my virtual rounds every morning scoping out the latest health and wellness news I occasionally stumble on some 'older' research. This study from 2013 talks about how one person in a relationship losing a significant amount of weight may actually be bad for the relationship. When I first read the title I thought, "this is crazy!" But, after I read the research, it reminded me that I had a very similar experience.

The study surveyed 21 couples where 1 partner had lost 30+ pounds (average of 60 pounds) in less than 2 years. They lost the weight for a variety of reasons ranging from health issues to surgical procedures.

For some couples the weight loss had a positive impact on their relationship. The couple reported that their communication improved, and the partner who lost the weight helped to inspire the other to adopt healthy habits.

Unfortunately, the weight loss drove some couples apart.

Some partners who lost weight nagged their significant to follow their lead, which caused tension in the relationship. Other partners who hadn't lost weight reported feeling threatened and insecure by their partners weight loss. They would make critical comments toward their significant other, be less interested in sex, or try to sabotage their partner with unhealthy food.

When I lost the bulk of my 50 pounds I had been with someone for about 2 years already. He was a healthy weight. He didn't eat healthy or exercise but he didn't have any weight to lose. I started to clean up my diet and started going to a gym for 20-30 minutes a few days a week and whaddya know... a year later I had lost about 35 pounds.

before and afterfore

He didn't like it. For the first time in our relationship he felt insecure, and started to become extremely jealous and possessive. He would always tell me that if I lost any more weight I wouldn't be as attractive to him. Pft. I ended up losing 20 more pounds (putting my BMI at a health 21.5.)

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I'm not sure if you will ever know how your partner will respond should you be trying to lose a significant amount of weight, but it's something to consider as you begin the process.

Have you lost a lot of weight while with someone? How did they react?