Welcome Back, Students!

Today marks the first day of the Fall term. I greet every semester with a mix of excitement and nerves.

The thought of public speaking terrified me until a few years ago so the fact that I'm teaching 6 classes this term is quite ironic. I started teaching in graduate school when my mentor had me take over the Experimental Psychology Laboratory at UWF. I vividly remember staying up for hours before my first few lectures, to nervous to sleep, and dreading the next day. My teacher sat in the back row to observe me the first term and I broke out into hives every time I started talking.

Eventually, they went away. I became a little more confident in my ability to teach others what I know, and now I can genuinely say I love teaching. I jokingly tell people I get paid to sit around and talk about what I love - but it's true! I became interested in Psychology in high school and as people began asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up I never had a specific answer other than it would be in the realm of Psychology because "people will never get boring to me."

One of my favorite parts of a new term is meeting all my new students. I have kept in contact with many of them through the years and it's hard for me to believe that some are already graduating from graduate programs now! (Man do I feel old.)

The two week break between the terms went by quickly and not without its hiccups. Of course my back went out and I got sick during my time off but I'm still glad I was able to meet Matt's parents and spent tons of quality time at home with this handsome fella.