What more could a girl ask for?

By far the highlight of my birthday yesterday was reading the comments you all left on my video post. I believe I've responded to all of them and I hope you know how much they meant to me. With each new comment my smile got a bit brighter and by the time the end of the day came I was officially in a the best mood I've been in for weeks. After my first class yesterday I came home to find my foodie pen pal package had arrived! What an absolutely perfect day for it. I cannot wait for the reveal day at the end of the month, my match really did her homework and my goodies are perfect. While I was literally in the middle of unpacking the box I heard a knock at the door and opened it to find a cute little old lady standing there with a flower delivery. My incredible Aunt Susie in California sent me this gorgeous flower cake:

I'm proud to say that the only time I cried yesterday was when these arrived. To be inundated at that moment with such a thoughtful package and flowers was just overwhelming. Knowing there are people out there who care about you is priceless.

After my night class got out I met my parents for some ice cream and presents. Yes, I'm 12.

We went to TCBY and I got my usual Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl but went a bit crazy this time and added the usual mini m-n-m's AND cookie dough bites. I'm convinced there is nothing in this world that can't be made better by ice cream and a hug from Mom and Dad.

I rushed them through the dessert so we could swing by my place to do the official present opening.

Salem had to help, of course. My parents got me a beautiful jewelry box with 2 new necklaces (pictures soon!), a printer I desperately needed, some perfume I ran out of months ago (Viva La  Juicy) and the 7th season of 90210. The show is so bad, but so addicting! I also received 2 gift cards to Amazon, one from them and one from my brother. We have a tradition in our family of picking out wildly inappropriate cards for each other these were the two cards I received:

I have 8 pages of stuff on my Amazon wishlist {seriously} and instead of spending a ridiculous amount of time deciding on what books and DVD's to buy I think I may just splurge on a heart rate monitor. I'm so torn on what brand to go with so if you have one you'd recommend please let me know!

I talked with my brother on the way to class and gave him a quick rundown on what happened over the last few days. I told him I couldn't be all that upset since I had opening presents to look forward to. He said the best time to be dumped would be Christmas morning, because you're so pumped about opening presents you wouldn't really give a shit.

Brother, I like the way you think.