When Smart Girls Do Dumb Things

You would think after my back issues last year & knee issues this January that I would have learned by now to take it easy and not push myself to hard.


I woke up Saturday planning to do my last long run before my first official half marathon in 2 weeks. The goal was 12 miles and before I even got out of bed I wasn't feeling it. I just felt, blah. I wasn't sure if it was "I'm just being lazy" or "my body needs rest" so I figured I'd get my butt in motion and if it really felt wrong I'd stop. We were also supposed to have horrible weather most of the weekend so I knew if I didn't get the long run in Saturday there was a chance I wouldn't get it done at all.

From the end of mile 1, to the painful end of mile 12, I knew I shouldn't have been running. I just had low energy the whole time (even though I had taken Friday off from working out!) and for the first few miles I had horrific shin splints. I hadn't experienced those since my middle school track team days. I stopped and stretched and they got better, but the area behind my right knee (still not sure if it's the very low part of the hamstring or something else) started giving out around mile 8. Did I stop running? Of course not.

I should also mention it was 100% humidity out. I haven't sweat so much in a workout all year (except for the time I did Bikram in New Orleans!)

2013-03-23 11.19.13

I'm still learning a lot about running and it's clearly taken some time for me to realize the importance of listening to my body. Why did I feel so compelled to hit 12 miles? I've done 13 before, I know I can handle the half, what was the point of this? I need to get better and adjusting my training plan to suit how I'm feeling at the time.

Immediately after I got back I started taking advil every few hours, icing the area behind my knee, and staying off of it as much as possible. Thankfully some lovely reading material came in the mail that day!

2013-03-23 17.41.57

Although it did include some of the worst diet advice I've ever read.

2013-03-23 17.49.55

Really Tatyana? Sweet Georgia Brown

I was able to hobble to the store to grab a few things for dinner that night. I had some pretty epic eats after my run Saturday! Bottom right is toast slathered with PB2 and honey, and the bottom left is my 'dessert splurge' for the day including these amazing animal cookies from Barbara's Bakery. I hadn't tried them before, and I'm a total animal cookie fiend, and these were 10000x's better! They had a much more 'grown up' taste to them, but I could still decapitate the little animals before eating them which is always lovely. I made some chocolate PB2 to dip them in and went into a glorious food induced coma for the rest of the night.

2013-03-23 16.49.24

Sunday I woke up sore and ridiculously bummed I couldn't make it to my favorite yoga class. Of course the only time it fits my work/training schedule is Sunday mornings so I have to wait another week now! Shortly after I drowned my sorrows in a huge bowl of oatmeal (with PB2, of course) my toiled overflowed. Twice.

Imagine me, limping, pissy I can't go to yoga, frantically trying to figure out how to stop the toilet from spewing water everywhere in the bathroom. Had I had my wits about me I would have taken a photo of it. Alas, at 5:30 in the morning I wasn't thinking straight and I just cleaned it up while cursing and pouting and thinking of going back to bed.

After composing myself with some zoning out on Netflix I realized I had to get dressed and get to the store. When I went Saturday I only picked up enough for dinner so I was all out of fresh fruits and veggies.


Before I went to Publix I stopped by the mall to grab some coffee from Panera. I decided to walk around for a bit inside the mall to stretch out my leg and didn't realize they weren't open for another 30 minutes. I was sadly suddenly aware that I had become a mall walker. I'm 29 going on 80.

2013-03-24 11.35.21

Between the mall and Publix my leg actually did feel better and I dropped the groceries off and headed to the park to spend the afternoon reading. I've been totally into Anne Rice lately, don't judge. 2013-03-24 15.13.09

2013-03-24 15.16.07

I came home and made my favorite seriously amazing spinach lentil soup.

2013-03-24 17.29.51Man, writing all this out and I feel like this weekend was a total fail! Definitely not how I imagined kicking off Spring Break, but how upset can I be when I still have 7 more days off?

In better news: I have a giveaway tomorrow, I'm in the process of partnering up with an incredible brand as an ambassador, and I'm test writing this week for a position with one of my all-time favorite websites! I don't want to say which one yet and jinx it ;) Keep your fingers crossed for me!

What's the worst thing that happened to you this weekend?