Work-a-holic Weekend

I cannot believe FitBloggin is next week! I am in full prep mode now and spent most of the weekend working. I'm trying to get all of my blog work done for the week by Sunday so I can actually 'relax' the 3 nights during the week I'm not teaching. Saturday I busted out a few articles that are due next week, developed a new recipe that will be posted tomorrow, completed a first draft of my FitBloggin presentation and wrapped up a couple other projects. Not the most exciting sounding weekend to some but I am so in love with what I do for my website and the other venues I work for I couldn't be happier! I took a break Saturday afternoon to run some errands. Food prep this week is the same as I did last week (I'm to concerned with other projects/deadlines to craft a new menu!) but here's a look at my grocery haul:


On the way to my car that day I came across this fantastical grasshopper:

2013-06-15 11.19.06-1As long as it's not a cockroach I'm ridiculously fascinated by bugs/animals. Speaking of roaches I found 2 (or possible the same one) two nights in a row last week in my house. It was crawling on the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. I grabbed a broom with ninja speed and flung it off the wall - into the kitchen. I lost it for about 10 minutes when I found it IN MY SINK. I used the broom to sweep it out of there and it went UNDER one of the two massive bookshelves I have by the front door. I grabbed a thick piece of foam  board since my hand wouldn't fit under there and jammed the board to the back wall over and over until I saw bug guts on it. I supermaned the bookshelf which must weigh 200 pounds out from the wall and swept the carcass outside.

I don't know why I just went into so much detail over that. I was traumatized for 48 hours after. I kept thinking I saw a roach every time I turned my head.

Moving on.

Sunday I woke up at 5 a.m. and went for a 7 mile sunrise run through downtown Pensacola. It's the longest run I've done since my half marathon in April! I took Saturday off from working out because I was super light-headed/dizzy most of the day on Friday. I think I was dehydrated so I gave myself a second rest day for the week and picked up some nuun to try out. I'm so behind the trend on this.

2013-06-15 12.46.03I'm not sure my stomach loved the mild carbonation to it but I'll get over it if it helps keep me hydrated. The flavor was nice - not super sweet and no weird aftertaste. I'll try it a few more times before I decide if I can see any difference in how hydrated I feel.

I stopped a few times on the run to take photos and walk up crazy ass hills.

2013-06-16 06.01.20

2013-06-16 06.15.09Despite working about 15 hours this weekend I still had time to overdose on 90's television. I found Babysitters Club on Netflix (the original show) and that triggered a downward spiral into flannel shirts and Dave Matthews Band. I watched a few episodes of All That (seriously funny still), Doug and Party of Five.

I go so hard on the weekend.

Snapped this cute pic of Salem posted up in his favorite lookout spot.


What is your favorite 90's show?