Workouts for your Mind

As much time as I dedicate to keeping my body in good condition I need to start spending equal time keeping my mind right. I'm a nerd, so finding ways to get my learn on is exciting to me. I rarely come across a topic that I don't want to know everything about and I've found a few great websites and apps that have helped me indulge my nerdcore tendencies. Coursera . When I first heard about Coursera I couldn't believe it - free online classes from colleges like Duke and Stanford? Well, it's totally legit! You don't get college credit for them, but I have heard of a few friends putting courses they've completed down on resumes. They have classes in almost every academic area; Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, and many others. Next week I'll be starting two classes; Age of Jefferson and Financial Markets. CourseraKahn Academy. I didn't love Kahn academy when I first saw it but it's growing on me. A lot of my students actually use this to help supplement what they are learning in the classroom. It's geared more toward the k-12 level and a lot of homeschooling parents use it.


Learn Liberty. While Coursera has greater variety I think the set-up for the online classes through Learn Liberty is much better. The platform they use for their courses is extremely user-friend, engaging, and they incorporate more reading assignments then the classes I've taken with Coursera have. The Learn Liberty classes are all politics/economics. I'm taking my second class with Dr. Art Carden, Personal Finance: Obliterate Debt, Accumulate Wealth, and Retire Rich, next month. So excited!

Learn Liberty

Speed Anatomy App. If I had a 'do over' in life I'd go to med school. I am extremely interested in health and medicine and I love this app for letting me feel like I'm smarty doctor pants a few minutes a day.

speed anatomy

Duolingo. I have been trying to learn French for 10 years now. I took 2 years of it in High School, and bought some textbooks at goodwill for $1 and every few months I'll bust them out and start studying again. I have no idea why being bilingual sounds so cool. I mean, almost everyone I know would say they'd love to speak another language, but how often would I ever use French? I think I may give that up and move on to Spanish. Either way, Duolingo is the top rated language app and it's so much fun to use. duolingo

Ted Talks. If I want to learn but am feeling to lazy to read then I'll watch a Ted talk. I've probably seen almost 50 by now and half of the time I get done watching one and have to immediately email 10 people a link to it because it's so good I have to share it. TED TalksDo you have any free learning resources you find useful? What is your favorite Ted talk?