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Aug 9I remember when I really started analyzing data for this site months ago and I was surprised to see that some of my most popular posts are these weekly workout wrap-ups. Now, I totally get it. I love seeing what other bloggers do for exercise each week! I can't tell you how many times I've been motivated to workout when I wasn't really feeling it when I saw one of the many bloggers I have FitCrushes on talk about how they killed it in their workouts.

As you can see most of my fitness revolves around running now. I'm in week 3 of marathon training and now that I'm comfortable with running 5x a week (as opposed to the 3x I've been doing for the last year) I added in a bit of ab work on my scheduled rest day. Even though my marathon training plan calls for zero strength training I'm totally cheating. Can't help it - I love having a strong core and rocking arms! 2013-08-05 07.13.09

The shortest run days are Monday and Friday with 'everyday runs' at a 10:30 pace. Tuesday and Thursday are temp runs/speed work and the group long runs are Saturday. My mileage for this week was 31 - that's what I used to run in a month!2013-08-06 07.15.27August is notoriously the most brutal month of the Summer and I felt it in full force on Thursday. I was literally dripping in sweat after just a few minutes of walking to warm-up! The gorgeous pink sunrises almost make it worth it. Almost. 2013-08-08 07.48.42I have noticed I've put on about 2-3 pounds in the last month since I upped my mileage. I thought I may lose weight since I would be burning more calories but my appetite has been through the roof! Most of the extra calories I'm consuming are at night when I'm lounging around the house and I'm using the 'oh I just had a hard run today' card way more than I should. I'm fine with the weight I'm at now but I certainly don't want the trend of gaining to continue so I need to reign in my nighttime snacking just a bit.

One thing that's helped is getting back into the habit of reading for a while before bed. I'm working on this Shakespeare book by Bill Bryson (incredible author) and trying to turn to tea when I get the munchies. I've been having a cup of either roasted dandelion root or Kava every night and I forgot how much I loved both!

I may also have the worlds greatest cuddle buddy.


I have this awesome habit of grabbing Sushi on Friday's for dinner from Apple Market and came across this card last week. I want it blown up to put on my wall at work.

2013-08-03 17.00.42-1I've fallen back into the habit of working almost every night/weekend and I'm going to try and find the time to do something fun this weekend. The beach perhaps - I have some wicked nasty running tan lines I need to work on! If I can get my work done in time I also need to go shopping for some new work clothes. The new semester starts in about 2 weeks and I like to get a few new pieces if my budget allows before the spring and fall terms. Aside from the enjoyment of new clothes shopping I'm in total denial the semester is starting again.

Anyone else gearing up for the Fall term?