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April 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Despite having nearly 50 blogs in my feedly there are only a few I get legitimately excited about. Years before I started my own blog I first stumbled into the world of blogging after seeing a recipe online from Angela at Oh She Glows. From there I found a few others and my morning routine was to make a big bowl of oatmeal and plop in front of the computer for an hour to read through the news and my favorite blogs. That routine hasn’t changed and I still find myself favoring certain blogs over others. You know the ones that you wait to read at the end just because you enjoy them so much. The blogs that I love reading the most are ones that make you feel genuinely connected to the author – like you are a part of their life in some way.

I wanted to take today to recognize three blogs that I’ve found to be consistently motivating, educational, uplifting and just fun to read.

The girl I’d most want to life swap with for a week. 

I genuinely consider Janae of Bring Joy more of a writer than a blogger. Every time I see she has a new post up I feel like I want to make a cup of tea and curl up for a good story. Even though most of her posts are informative (covering everything from amazing healthy recipes to keeping a budget) she manages to make all of her posts personal and it feels like I’m hanging out with an old friend whenever I read one.

I’m also kind of obsessed with Janae’s life even though we are total opposites in many fundamental ways. She and her husband are practicing Mormon’s and have FIVE gorgeous children. If I ever start to wonder what my life would be like should I get married and pop out kiddos I hope it replicates hers. Despite those difference we do share a lot of common interests. She’s a gluten free vegan with vegetarian tendencies, a former group fitness instructor, and writes awesome eBooks on things like how to lose weight and feel amazing (and given that she’s gained/lost baby weight 5 times now I trust her to know what works best!)

Honestly, I feel like I need to say a huge public ‘thank you!’ to Janae for putting such time and effort into her blog. Clearly she has a lot going on in her life and I hope she knows how much her readers appreciate and enjoy her work.

The girl who inspires me the most to push myself and set difficult goals.

MIsadventuresI have such a girl crush on Krysten of The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail. She’s one of the cutest girls that’s ever existed and I feel like some company should make a doll out of her so I could play dress up with it {I realize that just made me sound like a future serial killer.} Even though I haven’t met her in real life yet she’s one of the most amazing women I’ve ever encountered.

Due to some faulty genetics (hence her blog title) she had her first pacemaker put in at age 18 and had a preventative bilateral mastectomy done a few years ago. Just having ONE of those things happen to someone under the age of 30 would be enough to keep most people down, but not this girl. She’s a marathoner and currently training for her first Ironman. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen her pop up on my Instagram or feedly and realized I had zero excuses to wuss out on my workout that day.

Krysten is the girl that everyone wanted to be friends with in High School. She’s open and honest about her struggles but still seems to be such a fun, upbeat person that you just want to be around. I’m excited to live vicariously through her as her and her husband travel to France this year and I can’t wait to cheer her on in September!

This month she is asking readers to join her in a Happy Heart Virtual 5k run in honor of her father who passed away unexpectedly last year. My heart broke when I read the news that he had passed as they were obviously very close and she is dedicating her half Ironman to him. I will definitely be signing up to run a 5k for what would have been his 61st birthday on April 22nd.

The blog I learn something in every post from.

MamaTracey blogs about holistic health but is the farthest thing from a traditional Healthy Living Blogger. Don’t Mess With Mama has the best array of posts; amazing gluten-free recipes,  how to make your own organic lip balm, how to make coconut milk, uses for essential oils and so much more. Every single post she writes I finish reading and legitimately think about making/eating/doing whatever she just talked about.

I need to inject some new life into my blog reader – what are your favorites? 

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