How to Burn 300 Calories While Cleaning Your House

April 16th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Fitness | Health

As a busy Mom I’m always looking for ways to do two things at once. I love to listen to podcasts while I workout, call my Mom to catch up with her as I take the baby on a walk, and turn cleaning the house into a mini sweat session. You can burn so many calories by turning your cleaning into exercising! Not only does it make cleaning more fun, but you can burn some serious calories by speed cleaning and throwing in body weight exercises. Make Cleaning Funwith this Calorie Torching Cleaning Workout

To keep my house clean and organized I spend about 30 minutes a day cleaning. By doing a little bit every day it prevents messes from piling up and getting out of control! I have a great weekly cleaning checklist I use to help keep me on task. There are a few cleaning tasks I do daily, that I’ve included below.

Basically, set aside 30 minutes to power clean (break it up into two 15 minute segments if you need to.) Really hustle to clean as fast as possible, and keep your heart rate up! By throwing in the body weight exercises a 150 lb woman will burn about 300 calories doing this for 30 minutes!
Get Lean While You Clean

Decide on the cleaning tasks you will do, and set a timer on your phone for two minutes, every time the timer goes off do one of the body weight exercises for a minute. You’ll do this 10 times, and end up with a cleaner house and a tighter butt!

I have to find ways to make cleaning more fun as I’ve been doing a lot more cleaning since moving to Alaska. Baby boy makes quite the mess when he’s eating, and the cats have been driving me nuts lately.

I know Rudy hasn’t been feeling well so he doesn’t do it on purpose, but every single day he either uses the bathroom or throws up on the carpet.

Every. Single. Day.

After spending time every day on my knees trying to scrub the stains out I was very excited to try out the new  BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet (you can find it at Walmart or!)

Honestly I was a little worried it would  be complicated to use but it couldn’t be easier! Just fill up the tank with water and a cap full of solution and it’s good to go! A quick swipe up and down with the trigger spray on, and another swipe up and down with the suction to get the water up, and no more kitty poo. Here’s one of the (many) before spots:

And a few minutes later!IMG_1951

BISSELL Carpet Cleaning Formulas with Scotchgard™ keep carpets looking newer, longer by cleaning, restoring and protecting carpet. The Scotchgard™ works by placing a barrier on the surface of carpet fibers to protect against future stains. Considering Rudy likes to go in the same spot over and over this is essential! I need to take some time this weekend and do all of the carpets. The BISSELL Scotchgard™ formulas are perfect for high-traffic areas, pet spots and stains, cleaning your carpets simply and effectively.

There’s the offender….
IMG_1939 He’s lucky he’s cute!

Anyone else love power cleaning?

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