I Can’t Believe This is Happening Already …

August 29th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Well, I can’t believe these two things are happening already.

My son got his first birthday present this week, and Fall colors are starting to appear!

I wanted to get my son something fun to play on outside for his first birthday. I searched online and every store either charged $100 to ship it to Alaska, or wouldn’t ship it at all. For the last few weeks I’ve been stalking the local buy, sale, trade groups on Facebook for large outside toys. Since they are so hard to find up here anytime someone posted one they were snatched up immediately.

Finally, I scored! This set was only $60 and baby boy loves it!


He’s already learned how to slide down the slide by himself. He even puts his hands up in the air as he goes down, and plops onto his butt on the grass at the end. It’s so freaking cute.

Hopefully he will be able to enjoy it for a while as the highs next week are already going to be in the low 50’s! The trees are starting to turn colors. This will be the first time I live anywhere that has an actual Fall. Everyone here says the Fall colors are beautiful, but only last for a week.

The only thing that has sucked lately are the damn mosquitoes. They are everywhere. Everyone warned us about them before we moved up here, but they weren’t that bad all Summer. Then, when we got back from Ohio, they were 10x worse then they’d ever been. The moment we go outside they are swarming us. Alaska Mosquito

The locals say it’s not usually this bad, but because we had the second wettest Summer on record they are worse than usual. Thankfully they weren’t too  bad yesterday when we went to Creamer’s Field for their crane festival.
Creamers Field

The festival takes place every year in August as the sandhill cranes gather to start their migration South. They have a wingspan of six feet! They travel 350 miles a day, mate for live, and live an average of 20 years in the wild. At the peak of migration season you can see thousands at Creamers Field. Creamers Field2

I am completely obsessed with these gorgeous birch trees.
Creamers Field1

We brought a picnic for little man and Travis ended up buying a BBQ lunch there. They had two violinists playing and one kept playing nursery songs for the baby as he was completely enthralled with her. He wouldn’t take his eyes off her and kept dancing to the music. Creamers Field3

It’s such a gorgeous time of year in Alaska, and I’m so glad we are able to get out and enjoy it! Next weekend we are going back to Anchorage for a few days. We’ll be doing some shopping, lots of eating, hiking and fishing. Emphasis on the eating.

How was your weekend? 

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  • Allison says:

    Your photos are beautiful. We are months away from the change in color. I would love to have your weather – the heat index is still in the 100s here in Knoxville everyday – ugh. Mosquitos are bad here to in the last two weeks.

    Please keep the photos coming as your weather changes!

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