10 Ways to Find Your Next Race

Pensacola marathon

Since becoming an obsessive runner a few years ago I've spent hours pouring over websites trying to find races. Finding my next race wasn't always as straight-forward as I would have anticipated. There are hundreds of different websites that all list different races, and it seems like there isn't ... read more

Eating Well with a Newborn


When planning for life after baby I looked into the usual postpartum freezer meal ideas. Then I remembered I wouldn't have a freezer. I started thinking of ready made foods that I could grab quickly from the store that required zero preparation and weren't processed snack foods. I stocked up on ... read more

Fitness Friday: This Baby Won’t Budge


Saturday: 5k Sunday: rest Monday: 5k Tuesday: 2 miles Wednesday: (am) T25 Lower Body Focus (pm) 2 mile walk Thursday: rest (if you can call packing/cleaning for 4 hours rest!) Friday: Prenatal Physique Whoever said walking helped induce labor was a damn liar. While I 'only' got in 10 miles ... read more

Fitness Friday: Yes, I’m Still Pregnant!

Black cat

Saturday: Rest Sunday: T25 Speed 2.0 + Upper  Body Work Monday: 2.2 mile walk Tuesday: Tracey Mallet F.I.T. Wednesday: 5k walk Thursday: Rest Friday: Prenatal Physique + short walk I've reached the point in pregnancy where people are constantly texting or messaging me online to ask if the ... read more