Health Bites: The #1 Fitness Trend for 2015, Bigger Butts = Smarter Babies & Don’t Post About Your Workouts on Facebook

Health Bites

Some Facebook Statuses Revel Narcissism and Low Self-Esteem You (and I) might want to think twice before posting about your latest workout or showing off a photo of your breakfast green smoothie on facebook. Facebook users who post frequent status updates about their romantic partner are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem, while those […]

Valentines Day Robbery

2014-02-14 18.31.03

It’s been a heck of a weekend. I had an amazing first date/Valentines date Friday night. I’m so mad at myself for not snapping a photo of us together! All I got was this one I took while getting ready. I promise, we  both cleaned up nicely. He brought gorgeous flowers and coconut water, assuming […]

Fitness Friday: Valentines Edition

2014-02-10 06.43.22

Well, I think I’m marathon training. I hit almost 40 miles this week and I’ve got my eyes set on the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN in April. Ironic, since I dislike country music. It just times out well since it gives me 2 months to train and it happens during my break between […]