Eating Well with a Newborn


When planning for life after baby I looked into the usual postpartum freezer meal ideas. Then I remembered I wouldn't have a freezer. I started thinking of ready made foods that I could grab quickly from the store that required zero preparation and weren't processed snack foods. I stocked up on ... read more

Health Bites: Super Depressing Health News

Health Bites

Once Obese, Always Obese.  New research has found that the chance of an obese person attaining normal body weight is 1 in 210 for men and 1 in 124 for women. Talk about depressing odds. The research tracked the weight of 278,982 participants (129,194 men and 149,788 women) using electronic ... read more

Running Scared: 5 tips to keep you safe

Running Safety

Monday morning I was out for a short recovery run after 16 miles on Sunday and around mile 2.7 a homeless man started yelling at me. I was on a part of road where I had to go straight or turn back (no side streets to take) and he was about 150 feet in front of me. His words were extremely ... read more

Valentines Day Robbery

2014-02-14 18.31.03

It's been a heck of a weekend. I had an amazing first date/Valentines date Friday night. I'm so mad at myself for not snapping a photo of us together! All I got was this one I took while getting ready. I promise, we  both cleaned up nicely. He brought gorgeous flowers and coconut water, assuming ... read more

Fitness Friday: Valentines Edition

2014-02-10 06.43.22

Well, I think I'm marathon training. I hit almost 40 miles this week and I've got my eyes set on the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN in April. Ironic, since I dislike country music. It just times out well since it gives me 2 months to train and it happens during my break between the Spring ... read more

Homemade Kombucha, Starting my Garden & Marathon #2?

2014-02-07 16.31.12

My weekend started off the way every weekend should - a big package on my doorstep! The folks at Apera bags asked if I wanted to try out one of their bags and I was on the market for a new bag to use now that I'm going to the gym on campus twice a week. I went with their Active Pack since I have ... read more