Timex Ironman OneGPS+ Review


I am fairly low maintenance when it comes to running. While I always bring my water bottle, phone, and GPS watch with me when I go out it’s most for safety reasons (water bottle is a necessity nearly year round here!) Ideally I could leave some of it at home, but until now I didn’t […]

Hiking in Ozark, AL


I get far too excited over some things. Like Cadbury cream eggs. Seeing two of my cats cuddling. Finding a new nature trail. This weekend Travis and I spent the day out together on Saturday. We started with lunch at Zaxby’s (I just wanted some fries and part of his birthday cake milkshake) and headed […]

Fitness Friday: Just cat photos

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: rest Sunday: 8 mile run Monday: rest Tuesday: Tracey Mallet F.I.T. Wednesday: 5k (am) + 5 mile walk (pm) Thursday: rest Friday: 5k or speed work + Ripped in 30 I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been cloudy/rainy in Alabama 90% of March. That’s my excuse for 3 rest days this week (I […]