5 Things I’m Doing While Pregnant that I’m Not Supposed To

Some E Cards

1. Eating Feta Pregnant women are advised to avoid all soft cheeses including Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Feta, Gorgonzola and Mexican style cheeses like queso blanco and queso fresco unless they specifically say they have been pasteurized. I’ve been eating feta on Greek salads regularly (last week I had one every day for lunch!) I didn’t […]

Pregnancy Update: Week 20


Halfway baked! It’s so funny when I look at pictures of other pregnant women due around the same time I am on the BabyCenter forums and each bump looks so different. Depending on how straight I stand and how much I let the gut hang out I can either look not-super-pregnant:Or definitely 20 weeks pregnant! […]

5 Great Soy Protein Sources


As a vegetarian the top question I get when people find out I don’t eat meat is, “how do you get enough protein in your diet?!” To which I usually respond with, “how do you get enough vegetables in yours?!” I’ve started tracking macros in MyFitnessPal to make sure I’m getting enough protein for my […]