A few weeks ago I was laying in bed one night looking at local studio’s yoga schedules on my phone. Yoga is one of those things I always lament that I want to do more often, but I just never make it happen. Whenever I attend a class I leave feeling physically and psychologically refreshed. I know it’s good for me, like meditation, but I haven’t been able to make it into a regular practice.

As I was looking at class schedules I came across a local studios teacher training program. I always joke that if I ever won the lottery I’d collect degrees and certificates. I am addicted to learning. Unfortunately, my work schedule and bank account usually don’t allow for me to indulge in that whim. Some how the stars aligned and this opportunity fell into my lap. At the very bottom of the teacher training page I came across this blurb:

If you are a military spouse, you may qualify for the MyCAA Program. Spouses of E1-E5, W1-W2, and 01-02 Active Duty Soldiers will receive counseling and funding up to $4,000 to assist with licensure, certification or education opportunities.

I’m sorry, what’s happening?

I ran the idea by Travis, and headed over to the MyCAA website to complete the first step (submitting an educational plan.) That was approved and yesterday I finished part 2 which was the financial aid application. It was automatically approved and now I’m officially going to Yoga Teacher Training in January!

Yoga Cats

The fall term ends mid-December and my plans after I move to Alabama next week were to focus on my blog, freelance writing jobs, and finishing my book proposal. The timing of this is perfect, and the MyCAA scholarship pays for almost the entire program. I’m going through this training as much for my own personal growth as I am for the ability to actually teach classes in the future. When the studio owner emailed me a program outline I almost squealed with dorky glee:

Yoga Asana Techniques – 100 hours

  • Recite the Sanskrit name of postures learned
  • Sequence postures for a 60 minute beginners class
  • Develop a daily personal sadhana practice
  • Demonstrate pranayama breathing exercises and mudra hand positions
  • Describe three kriyas used in yoga for cleansing the body
  • Use descriptive language appropriate for the yoga class
  • Utilize appropriate music for yoga class
  • Write a creative visualization script

Student Practicum -10 hours

Yoga Homework

  • Yoga Philosophy and States of Mind
  • Body Awareness and the Koshas
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chakras and the Subtle Energy System
  • Sutras

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology – 30 hours

  • Describe the subtle energy system
  • Locate specific organs, muscles, and bones in the body
  • Describe the anatomy of human movement and the systems of the body as they apply to Asana

Yoga Philosophy – 30 hours

  • Describe a brief history of yoga, at least four branches of yoga, and at least 4 styles of yoga
  • Describe the eight fold-path of Patanjali, the general content of Book I and II of Patanjali’s Sutras and the three doshas in Ayurveda

Yoga Methodology – 30 hours

Sigh. I am just so excited. I love how I would have never known that this MyCAA scholarship had existed if I hadn’t stumbled across it. I’m hoping this post may reach a few fellow military spouses who may qualify. I looked around a lot before I committed to this program (you only get $4000 to use one time only) and they have programs ranging from nursing to general two year degrees to massage therapy.

I can only imagine what other random perks exist that no one knows about! (Seriously, if you know of any tell me about them.)

What would you pursue if you the opportunity was free and fell into your lap at the right time?

Our Professional Wedding Photos

November 18th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life - (14 Comments)

When I started talking to friends about my budget wedding the one splurge item everyone agreed on was a photographer. Given I had 8 weeks to plan the wedding I wasn’t sure what luck I’d have finding a good one last minute. Fortunately, I was able to snag Jessica from Born Beautiful Photography (check our her facebook and website.)

Travis and I are both so pleased with how the photos turned out! I already went over the wedding day so I’ll let the photos (mostly) speak for themselves.

Before you view them go ahead and put on the song I walked down the aisle to. I tasked Travis with picking out some wedding music the morning of the ceremony. I wanted something instrumental just to play in the background and he surprised me with this gem. I challenge you to listen to it and not tear up! (If you’ve seen the movie at least.)



5 (1)







My mom carried this handkerchief down the aisle at her own wedding. It belonged to her great-grandmother! I was honored to carry it down the aisle myself. I also had my great grandmothers engagement ring, and my grandmothers tennis bracelet.





My hair and make-up were done at Stay the Spa.
Make-up: Zoe Rose of Stay the Spa
Hair: Kara Ride of 10th Avenue Hair Design


Meet Salems new brother, Rudy!

November 17th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life - (22 Comments)

This weekend was a very special one because I got to meet my new fur child, Rudy!

2014-11-16 10.39.29I LOVE those spots around his mouth! Travis thinks it has something to do with his teeth being removed a few years ago since he didn’t have the spots before. Rudy (and his other cat) have been living with his Dad for the last 5 years while Travis was being bounced around in the Army. Now that he is more settled we are taking them back (cat #2 will be coming down with us when we visit his family in Ohio over Christmas.) Travis found Rudy when he was about a year old by a dumpster, and now he’s a spry 14 year old grandpa!

Travis believes Rudy is part bengal, and it’s proven daily with how vocal he is:

We are anxious to see how Salem and Rudy will get along, but I think things will be fine as we are going to introduce them very slowly based on some research I’ve done on blending household pets together.

The rest of the weekend was pretty tame. We went into town (Dothan) on Saturday to do some shopping and have lunch at Panera. Can’t get enough of their Autumn squash soup!
2014-11-15 12.08.09

While at Walmart later I found this in the freezer isle. Not sure what ‘YOLO chocolate’ should taste like.2014-11-15 18.52.11Sunday morning I did a slow 6 mile run. My knee and hip feel 100% normal again but the top of my foot is super tight and hurts when I flex it up. After a few miles it loosens up so I’m hoping it will be fine for our half marathon this weekend!2014-11-16 07.21.36-1

2014-11-16 07.22.00-1This is my last full week of teaching! Next week is Thanksgiving, and the following week I’ll only be teaching at one school for two weeks and then the term is officially over. I’ve had so many students ask me this term if I’m teaching in the Spring and I hate having to tell them no. I’ll still be teaching online but it’s just not the same. The moment Travis finds out where we will be moving in the Summer/Early Fall I’m going to start hounding local schools to teach there.

How was your weekend?
When will you be setting out Holiday decorations (I think Travis and I may start next week!)