Weekend Fun: Pool Time, my Rucking Experiment, and Cat Strollers


Rabbit, rabbit! For further proof that I was a strange child I somehow heard about the superstition that saying, “rabbit rabbit” first thing upon waking on the first of the month would ensure good luck all month long. It’s seriously a thing. Proof. I was probably in middle school when I started doing it regularly. […]

Fitness Friday: Is it okay to wear a bikini when pregnant?


Saturday: 7 mile walk/hike Sunday: 5 mile walk Monday: REST Tuesday: REST Wednesday: Prenatal Physique DVD {Seriously amazing prenatal workout! Burns 300+ calories every time} Thursday: 20 minute walk + 2 mile incline treadmill workout + 20 minute elliptical Friday: Ruck walk if weather is good I think I overdid it this past weekend. The 12 […]