“I've taken a few blog courses over the years...some free, some paid. Within about an hour of working through them, I'm either terribly bored, annoyed that I spent the money, or rolling my eyes because I could've learned this info via google. This is not one of those courses. I’m only halfway through the 0-60K course and I’ve already learned so much. I love that each module has an action item, and each action item isn’t something that is unrealistic or unattainable. I’m able to pause the course, and go and do it right then and there. I also love that Erica is so real. There are so mainly people out there claiming to be an expert, and luring in people with false claims and marketing jargon. There’s none of that in this course. It feels like you’re sitting in a coffee shop sitting chatting with a friend giving you advice. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to take their blog seriously!” – Elizabeth


“Erica's 0 to 60K blogging course has changed the way I look at my blog. She doesn't hold anything back, and gives you all of the details on how she makes money. Nothing is off limits, and not only does she tell you what she does, she shows you how to do it yourself. The action steps give you clear direction on how to turn your blog into a money maker. There are so many things that I knew I should be doing, but I didn't know how to do them. Now I have a plan that will make my blog profitable. I'm very happy I took this course, and you will be too.” - Emmy


“As a new blogger, I have been struggling with increasing my pageviews, growing my social media, and understanding the whole blogging world. I was overwhelmed with the amount of effort it takes and didn't know what all to do or how to manage myself. This course taught me blogger terminology, where I need to focus my time, how to approach brands, and what I need to do to grow and manage my social media.


"The checklists and to-do lists made it easy to stay on track and know exactly what actions I needed to take. I already made a spreadsheet for expenses and payments, printed out an editorial calendar, started improving my social media, and changed the direction of my attention to areas that need it most. I really appreciate how honest and open Erica is about everything. I tried researching ways to grow my blog before, but every article I read I felt like they were still holding something back. The motivation it gave me has brought so much excitement and confidence, I can't wait to start implementing more changes!” - Christina


“You literally lit a fire under my ass. After taking your course, I instantly wanted to revamp my whole blog/bloglife. I love the layout, how you incorporate several different mediums (vid, printouts, etc.), and how you tie it all together at the end. I've been blogging for a long time and freelancing for just a year, and this was ridiculously helpful to me. There were some things that I already knew (that were reinforced) and I learned even more than what I originally knew. Your knowledge is so in-depth and valuable!” - Meghan