Fitness Friday: Mother-Cat Health Issues

July 11th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 8 mile run (10:40 pace)

Sunday: 7 mile hike

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 5.25 miles (8:57 pace thanks to speed work! 7×400’s at 8 min pace)

Wednesday: Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred

Thursday: 6 miles (10:10 pace)

Friday: Tracey Mallet F.I.T.

I think my body may finally be acclimated to the humidity. Not that running still isn’t a struggle for me in 80+ degree temperatures and nearly 100% humidity, but I’m finally back to semi-normal pace times (although I am taking 1-2 walking breaks on each run now, no shame!)

2014-07-08 05.57.24I’m getting super bored with my workout DVDs. Like, I’m pretty sure I’ve done each of them at least 100 times now. They are still great workouts, but I’m just meh about them. I’ve been looking around online for new options and after trying Insanity with Kat at Fitbloggin I’m interested in the T25 workouts. A few bloggers I follow. and friends I know in real life, have done the workouts and everyone raves about them. I’m trying not to spend any unnecessary money right now though so I’m trying to hold out until the Fall term starts, but I may cave before then. I think the 25 minute workouts would be a great way to fit in strength/body weight exercises while I’m marathon training soon.
2014-07-09 07.37.18

My run yesterday was pretty sweet! I woke up feeling like doing anything BUT run, but after I made myself get outside and start I had a decent time. I had to rush home and take a quick shower so I could head into WEAR Channel 3 studios for a podcast. It should be up next Sunday so I’ll be sure to share it then! We talked about weight loss, my blog, and running (of course.) 2014-07-10 07.25.22This week in class we are getting ready to conduct our caffeine study. I teach a research methods course and the best way to grasp the material is by actually conducting an experiment, so every term we do something looking at the effects of caffeine. It’s fun because we get to give pills to people.
2014-07-09 10.44.35I make up gluten free flour pills to use as the placebos and I feel like a drug lord.2014-07-09 11.11.02In less fun news Salem and I are both having some weird skin issues. He has really dry skin running down his spine, and has been scratching around his face so much he has little scabs everywhere. Since he has Feline Aids a tiny little cut could be devastating to him so I’m on super high cat-mom alert. I’m also having a weird flare up on my foot of something. A few weeks ago I went into the clinic and they told me I had shingles on my butt (seriously) and at the same time I had (what I thought was) a tiny bug bite on the top of my foot. That was about two weeks ago and it was almost totally gone when Wednesday it started to get super red in the morning, and by night there was a ring of new bumps around it. At a total loss of what it could be I posted a photo of it to twitter to see what people thought. I got everything from scabies to tick bites. 2014-07-08 19.29.20If Salem and I both aren’t better by tomorrow I’ll be taking us in to our respective doctors. I’m really not worried about me as it doesn’t hurt to much, but it would be nice to know what the heck is causing this. I’m more concerned with Salem, but I hate taking him in because I know how much it stresses him out. #CatMomProblems2014-07-09 14.32.38This weekend is supposed to be a little rainy so I’m not sure what Travis and I will end up doing. I’m hoping for a long run Saturday and other then that I’m just looking forward to spending time with my two favorite boys!

What are your weekend plans?

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15 Responses

  • Hope Salem is okay! It’s impossible to get my cat in his carrying case so we’ve only done it in an abslolute emergency. Not fun!

    Very cool about the podcast can’t wait to hear it :) and that’s pretty funny with the flour pills! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Erica House says:

      He’s okay getting in and out of his case, but he just cried the entire trip. Not fun to listen to, and I hate hearing him miserable!

  • Jenny says:

    Have a wonderful weekend sweets! Hope you AND Salem get well soon!

  • My dog had the exact same thing! It turns out it was a skin disease from swimming in flood waters. The vet said flood waters contain runoff chemicals and animal waste. He needed two weeks of antibiotics and four days of medicated shampoo baths. Definitely hit the doctor and vet!

    • Erica House says:

      Oh grossssss :( I’m debating now on calling the vet and taking him in today. His skin is better, but he’s lost fur around his mouth and I’m pretty sure it’s just from the constant licking/chewing he’s been doing but it would be nice to have that confirmed.

  • I can totally relate to needing to take walk breaks in the humidity! It’s so tough of my breathing.

    I’m heading out of town this weekend for a week-long vacation in Savannah with my hubby and kids. So excited!!

  • Jessica says:

    Totally random question not about this post, but how do you get your skin so clear? Seriously, you have the greatest looking skin. I am envious and would love the tips!

    • Erica House says:

      It’s so weird when people ask me about this (you may be the 3rd or 4th person) since I grew up with horrific skin I was eternally embarrassed about. I honestly don’t think my skin looks that different from most, and most of the time you see photos of me on here I have foundation on! I don’t wear a lot, but I put some on in the morning after I wash my face. I clean my skin with Neutrogena redness reliever which is for acne prone skin and has aloe in it so it does help with the redness a bit. I use Cetaphil lotion for the SPF after and persagel anytime I have a little break out. I also think working out regularly and drinking a ton of water helps!

  • Oh man I had no idea Salem has cat aids! I hope he (and you!!) get better soon!

    • Erica House says:

      Thank you! I’m taking him into the clinic this afternoon. I don’t want to head into the weekend worried about him and chance a visit to the emergency clinic!

  • Hmm.. not sure on the itchy ring on foot. Last time I had itchy feet it was chilblains, but I doubt that with your Florida weather. Isolated patch of shingles or scabies perhaps. Honestly don’t know.

    Hope Salem feels better :( It’s not fun not knowing what’s ailing our kitties. Gambit had licked his belly and rear legs down to the skin (minimal fur now). I’m sure he’s allergic to something in his food though the vet says he just might be allergic to some pollen out in our yard. :\

    • Erica House says:

      It’s so frustrating not being able to just ask him “Hey Salem, WTF is up with your face?” (his bottom lip is now loosing hair and swollen.) I have an appointment to take him to the vet this afternoon. First time in years and I am 100x more nervous then he is!

  • Jodi says:

    I have one T25 DVD that I won from my friend who is a beachbody coach (core speed) and I was thinking about buying either that or Insanity, but have decided I’ll go with Insanity when I buy a new workout program. She was telling me that she thought the first month of T25 would be too easy for me. I definitely want to be challenged, and I LOVE Core Speed, but I borrowed her Insanity DVDs and those were killer! Loved them! I also want the new Piyo DVDs.