Fitness Friday: Christmas Decorating our New House!

December 5th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: MOVING DAY (<– yes, this counts as a workout!)

Sunday: 5k

Monday: T25 cardio & total body

Tuesday: T25 core

Wednesday: 6 miles

Thursday: REST

Friday: 1 hour strength/barre + 5k run or walk (depends how my foot is feeling!)

I’ve been so bored with my usual workouts that I decided to steal Travis’s T25 DVD‘s to rotate something new in this week. I’m a total convert. When I did the 2 workouts on Monday I  burned over 500 calories in one hour! That’s more than any home workout I’ve ever tried! I LOVE how short they are and they are super high intensity which fits my workout personality. I’m going to do the rest of the workouts and eventually write up a formal review of them.

This week has been a total blur. On Tuesday and Thursday I had to drive 5 hours round-trip to teach back in Pensacola. I’ll have to do it once more next week and then I’m DONE, and looking forward to never having to make that drive again!

In between driving and teaching I also had to write 2 final exams, grade 60 papers (and 60 more to go next week) and unpack all of my stuff from the move. I’m so anal about being organized that I was virtually 100% unpacked by Sunday morning. Saturday we loaded up the UHaul in Pensacola at 9 a.m., had it back in Alabama by 5, and spent a few hours unloading it before collapsing from exhaustion. I can’t stand having stuff in boxes so all we have left now is to hang a few more items and Travis is installing some shelves into what will be our linen closet before I unpack the last box.

2014-11-29 20.05.38I was also in a huge rush to unpack because I couldn’t wait to put up Christmas decorations! For the last few years I haven’t decorated much as it was always just me and Salem, and my lease always ended up ending in December so I was constantly moving around the Holidays. I’m so happy I had someone to decorate the tree with this year!

IMG_8086This nativity set is an exact replica to the one my Mom has that my brother and I would fight over who got to set it up every year. A few years ago she started collecting Christmas decorations to give to me once I got married, but finally just gave it to me before Christmas last year when she realized I may never marry and it was silly to just let it sit all boxed up in the attic.

IMG_8091Travis was itching to buy our first holiday decorations together so we went out shopping last weekend and he picked these up from Hobby Lobby. HOW CUTE ARE THEY? Seriously. I can’t stand it. IMG_8098Before I moved up I had all of my Christmas decorations wrapped so SOMEONE (Travis) wouldn’t try to find his before Christmas day.

IMG_8113While out shopping last weekend I fell in love with this little snowman couple. I usually like more ‘traditional’ looking decor but the colors on this were so cute I knew it would look great in my bathroom (yes, we have separate bathrooms and it is amazing.)IMG_8115Mom used to collect Santas for her fireplace mantle but switched to something else a few years ago so I inherited these guys. IMG_8116This is another item Travis picked up at Hobby Lobby for his mancave.
IMG_8117Of course I have only one favorite decoration this year … IMG_8103So precious!

This weekend Travis and I are looking forward to catching up on things around the house, and I’m going to start devoting more time to that book proposal I keep talking about but not actually working on. My classes are pretty much wrapped up now aside from finals so I finally have a bit of breathing room. I’m also doing some reading to prepare for my Yoga Teacher Training next month. I thought I’d have more free time once I wasn’t teaching full-time anymore, but between the blog, freelance writing, book proposal, teacher training, teaching one class online, and keeping up with my family/cats/workouts I think 2015 will be just as busy (if not more so!) than 2014.

Bring it!

Have you put out Holiday decor yet?
Are you working on any 2015 goals/resolutions? 


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