Fitness Friday: Fitmark Review & Modeling gig

February 21st, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Workout Wrap UpFeb 21

Happy Friday my darlings! Is it just me or did this week absolutely fly by? I have a mile long to-do list that I barely made a dent in. At least I’ve been sticking to my workouts! I managed to squeeze in 2 two-a-days this week, and I cut my mileage back just a tiny bit from last week. I’m trying to get marathon ready again but I don’t want to over do it like I did last time. 50 mile weeks just aren’t healthy for me, and they make keeping up with strength training virtually impossible (for me, I know there are many other runners who can do both!)2014-02-17 08.59.07Despite the sketch run I had on Monday my workouts have been incredible. I used to just have some of my yummy chocolate egg white oatmeal for breakfast but I’ve been having a thing of Greek yogurt with it to help get more protein in. It’s hard to add protein to breakfast as a vegetarian without doing fake meat (which I try to limit) and eggs (which are already in the oats!)
2014-02-19 08.16.10I’ve started bringing dinner with me to work when I teach my night classes. At first I tried to just bring a small snack and plan to eat dinner when I got home. Well, that wasn’t cutting it – I ended up going into my lecture hungry which is never a good idea. Fitmark was kind enough to send me one of their ‘boxes’ to try out and I am so,so,so in love.
2014-02-07 14.37.48It’s just a bit bigger than my old lunchbox/cooler (I didn’t want something gigantic that would be cumbersome to carry around) but it’s built so that it seems to fit so much more than my last one. I love the shaker bottle that comes with it! It has detachable bottoms; one to put vitamin/supplements in and one for protein powder. Genius! 2014-02-07 14.42.55One of my biggest fears for food containers or drink bottles is that they will leak. Well, I’ve had zero leakage with any of their products. Thank you Fitmark!
2014-02-19 17.14.56Random Salem shot. I picked him up this kitty catnip body pillow when I was in Portland last summer for Fitbloggin. He so in wuv with it!2014-02-19 07.32.22I was spoiled rotten this Valentines day. One of my friends sent me roses and this delicious basket of treats from Sharis berries. 2014-02-17 19.53.21I also got this package from Great Outdoors Food. As a hiker (wannabe backpacker) I know how crucial it is to have nutritious foods with you when your out on the trails. Not only do they need to be nutrient dense, but also lightweight. It can be hard to find foods that fit both of those criteria and Great Outdoors Food makes it SO easy. You just go on their website, and plan your meals and they ship it all to you. Definitely going to be coming back to them when I make my dream 100 mile backpacking trip a reality!2014-02-20 11.08.02Locker room selfie. Is that douchie? 2014-02-19 16.05.13It’s been in the 70’s all week. I wore shorts and a tank top to run yesterday. Northerners, please don’t hate me. 2014-02-20 06.32.46-1This weekend I am thrilled to be playing model for a day. A local photographer was seeking a model to do some promotional work and I got the gig! It’s Mardi Gras themed, and some of the photo shoot will be taking place downtown. It should take a few hours, they told me 2 hours will just be for hair and make-up. I’m going to feel like such a celebrity! I can’t wait to share the photos with you all on here as soon as they’ve been edited (I’m already promising myself I won’t hound the poor girl for them after the shoot.)2014-02-20 10.12.32

What are you doing this weekend?
Have you ever had professional photos taken? 

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