Fitness Friday: Giving Back + A Giveaway!

January 29th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Fitness | Health | Life

Workouts this week were great!

Saturday: 5k

Sunday: leg day

Monday: upper body

Tuesday: 3×800 at 10 min pace

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 4×800 at 10 min pace

Friday: abs and arms

I was really, really not wanting to run yesterday. I had my counseling appointment earlier in the day than usual, so our routine was a bit thrown off. By the time I got home it was time for the baby to nap, so we both fell asleep for about an hour. I got up, ate a bowl of granola, and put my big girl panties on and got my run in just before dinner.
Sweaty selfieI was originally planning to try and sub 30 at 5k in April, but now I may be running a race in March. Less than two months to go and my current time is about 35 minutes. I enjoy the pressure!

My weight has completely leveled off for the past 6ish weeks. I’ll do a whole post on postpartum weight loss soon but I’ve been sitting at about 6-8 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight since before Christmas. I feel great, and haven’t been cutting calories since I’m nursing, so I’m happy!

Little man had his 4 month appointment this week (he’s actually 4.5 months now.) He did so well with his vaccines! Just like last time he cried for a minute, and by the time we picked him up he was over it. He’s just shy of 16 pounds now and doc gave us the go ahead to start solids in a few weeks if we want to. He has his first tooth coming in already! About a week ago it started to come up and broke through the gums a few days ago.
4 month appointmentRemember my poor cats? Someone on Instagram asked how Salem was doing and I realized it’s been months since I shared any photos of them! I feel so bad they get so little attention now. Salem has an appointment tomorrow to talk about getting his teeth cleaned and his butt shaved. I’m sure he’s going to just love that.
Brothers As I mentioned I went to see my counselor again this week. I’ve been going weekly for about two months and really enjoy it. She’s helping me work on my anxiety. I’ve always been wound tight but it’s been much worse since I had the baby and moved to Alaska.

One thing that always helps me is to think of others instead of myself. Most of my anxiety comes from worrying, particularly about the future, and it’s so pointless. My life is awesome. There’s no reason why I should think that would change anytime soon. I’m fortunate to have the time and means to try and spread some kindness so that’s what I’ve been working on.

Someone in one of the planner groups I belong to on Facebook said she was going through a rough time. I asked if I could send her some happy mail. It wasn’t much, just some stuff from my stash and a few cute things I bought from Michaels, but it helped make her day a little better when she received it.
RAKEarlier in the week the Mission here said they were in need of size 7-8 women’s shoes. They said women were walking around their shelter and outside in sandals because that’s all they have. It’s usually around 0 degrees here so I can’t imagine how painful that just be. I only had a few pairs of sneakers but I took those and a jacket I don’t wear often down to donate.

I’m sharing all this to just try and get you all to think of small things you could do to give back. It doesn’t have to be a lot, and it could mean the world to down one else!

One last thing to share – I totally forgot to announce last month that I was selected to be a Premier Protein ambassador again this year! I love their products, and have actually polished off that giant tub of chocolate protein powder already. I have a huge protein smoothie every day for dinner, and rarely leave the house without a protein bar in my purse.

Premier ProteinIf you’d like to win a sampling of all their products (US residents only) just comment below with what you wish you had the energy to do more of in your everyday life. Their campaign this year is “my one more” and how their products can help you accomplish that goal. For me it’s always one more workout, or eating one more healthy meal during the day!

I’ll pick a winner Monday morning! I’ll be back here tomorrow to share the family photos we had done recently. You can see a few up on my Instagram already (and don’t forget to enter my planner giveaway there too!)

WINNER SELECTED! Please email your address to me at

PP Winner

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