Fitness Friday: I’m getting married this weekend (& running a Marathon)

November 7th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: 10 mile hike
Sunday: 12 mile run
Monday: REST
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: 30 minutes on elliptical
Thursday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 + 6 week six-pack
Friday: Walk/Easy Run

Wow. I can’t believe this weekend is finally here! It feels very surreal. It just hit me a few days ago that my freaking wedding is Saturday, and my 3rd marathon is the very next day! I sometimes wonder what drug I was on when I decided getting married and running a marathon within 24 hours of each other was a good idea.

Despite a horrific training cycle (honestly – I’ve run less in the last two months than I have in years) I’m looking forward to running strictly for fun. My hip and knee feel back to normal even though I was a total idiot and pushed it last weekend by covering 22 miles. I was pretty sore Monday and Tuesday so I took those days off and took it easy the rest of the week. However, last weekend did make me feel a lot better about being able to finish 26.2 this weekend.

2014-11-06 08.25.21I know I keep saying I’m just going to run this race for fun, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to 100% let go of any time goal. My first finish time was 4:44, my second was 4:52 (and on the HORRIFIC hills in Nashville I considered that a huge success!) so I’m honestly hoping to come in under 5 hours again this time. But, I’ve been injured and I haven’t trained right so who knows. I’m still carbing up like I’m going to go all out! It’s definitely going to help having Travis’s uncle running the full, his cousin running the half, and his mom and grandma cheering us all on from the sides. His sweet Grandma has her sign all made up and ready to go!2014-11-03 16.30.19

I’ve been eating pretty darn healthy this week. I went though a phase recently where I didn’t eat a vegetable in months (I drank Suja green juice a few times a week to try and not hate myself for it) but I finally started craving veggies again this week. I even made healthy snack choices when I stopped at Target for a quickie dinner before my night class on Monday.
2014-11-03 16.58.07I got this great package on Tuesday! Last month my brother gave me a gift certificate for Amazon for my birthday so I stocked up on some reading material for my Christmas break. Really, I have a TON of books to read as I work on getting my book proposal done by January. A few of these may relate to some of the chapters so I totally justified them. Also had to snag some more of my favorite probiotics. I had a few bucks left over ad those veggie pills were only $6 so I grabbed them randomly. I know I should always get my nutrients from real food, but sometimes I’m just lazy.
2014-11-04 14.18.36Salems been a bit of a jerk lately. Travis and I are trying to figure out how to handle Salem being around his two non-FIV cats when I move in with him this month (did I forget to mention that I’m getting married, running a marathon, and MOVING all this month?!) If Salem wasn’t such a stinking asshole sometimes we wouldn’t be as concerned. As it stands he’s already attacked me twice today, for no reason, drawing blood once.2014-11-04 21.01.44-1I put up with it because he’s my baby with a mood disorder, but we don’t want his boys to get FIV. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks!

In the meantime Salem is soaking up being an only child. This was us watching Gilmore Girls last night (finished the show and am so ‘meh’ about the last two seasons.)
2014-11-05 20.05.50So, I guess that’s it. Next time I talk to ya’ll I’ll be a 3x marathoner and a married woman. If you care to check out pics from the wedding and the race before next week be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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