Fitness Friday: I’m in Savannah {and I have shingles}

June 27th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 6 miles (10:30 pace)

Sunday: REST

Monday: Xtend Barre

Tuesday: 5 miles (10:27 pace)

Wednesday: Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength

Thursday: 5-6 miles

Friday: Workout at Fitbloggin!

All things considered workout this week were pretty normal. Average miles, pace, and strength training. After last weeks heat exhaustion I felt ‘off’ for a few days; kind of like I was coming down with a cold. Coach Salem kept me on track though.

2014-06-23 08.00.16The weather here has been blah all week. It rained on my drive to and from Alabama this weekend, and it’s been cloudy and/or raining most days this week. The streets were flooded as I tried to drive home after class on Monday!

2014-06-23 10.57.49Ever since my house and car flooded I get super anxious when it rains. Thankfully, this only lasted for about 20 minutes!

I spent a lot of time cuddling with this face. I felt bad leaving him last weekend and going out of town again this weekend. Dad’s offered to  babysit so he will actually be here most of the time I’m gone. Yay for kitty grandparents!

2014-06-23 18.11.38I ran by one of my favorite houses in Pensacola on Tuesday and saw they had demolished it! It was a private liberal arts school for years and they just sold it a few weeks ago. Apparently the new owner didn’t love it as much as I did. Such a shame.

2014-06-24 08.12.58-1

So, the most exciting part of the week probably came Wednesday afternoon when I went to the health clinic. As I said before with the heat exhaustion issue on Thursday I’ve just been feeling ‘off’ since then. My legs were throbbing sore for days after, almost as bad as they were post-marathon. I figured it was just from being dehydrated. I had a fever of 101-102 most of Thursday and a lingering one until about Saturday morning. My throat started to hurt a tiny bit but went away. When I still felt blah Wednesday I knew I should head in just to get checked out before I left for Savannah Thursday morning.

I also wanted to go in and have the nurse look at the bottom of my right foot. I’ve had a sharp shooting pain in the sole of my foot near the big toe for a few days. Almost like the worst blister of my life, but there’s no blister there. Finally, on Monday I discovered these crazy bite marks on my behind that I figured were caused by an ant or something. I have ants in my house and every time of bug imaginable in my car since the flood so sitting on a bug long enough for it to bite me a few times seemed totally plausible.

Well, I was right about the foot. My nurse said there was likely a blister under the callus (permanent fixtures on my disfigured runners feet) and that I should ice it and stay off of it for a while (year right.) It’s a blister. I’ll run on it until it forces me not to.

I was way off about the bug bites. I have shingles on my ass. How sexy does that sound? It’s a tiny spot, about 1.5″ in diameter, and I can’t even feel them anymore. The nurse said my immune system was likely compromised by the heat exhaustion/fever Thursday, and combined with stress the shingles were triggered. Awesome. When I asked on Twitter who even gets shingles anymore I think my favorite response was, ‘old folks in Phoenix.’ Even my Mom’s first response was; “only old folks get that!” Since they weren’t bothering me anymore nurse didn’t even issue any medication for it. Just told me to watch the stress levels and come in immediately should I ever get it again.

I actually think the whole thing is pretty hilarious. Especially since I’m about to drive 8 hours on a shingled ass with a bum foot to Savannah for the weekend.


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  • Ali says:

    Seriously, I think it’s time for the universe to cut you some slack. For reals, yo! Anywho, I was a little shocked and disturbed at the title because for some reason I thought shingles was something life-threatening. It’s such an awful name really and I had no idea what it actually meant to get it. I am glad it’s not as bad as my mind immediately conjured.

    Our bodies are so fragile when it all comes down to it. My mom has been feeling pretty off for the better part of a month and has been in and out of doctors for every test imaginable. Well, on Monday we finally got the verdict: she has Graves’ disease. Totally freaked me out because again my mind jumped to the conclusion that it puts one in the grave pronto. Turns out it’s just the name of the dude who discovered it, phew! All these illnesses that can impact a person’s life and none of it means much until it affects you or your loved ones personally. It is absolutely mind boggling the number of things that can go wrong with a person and so it’s a real blessing when you can stay healthy and strong throughout a lifetime.

    Take good care.

    • Erica House says:

      I agree — life needs to cut me some slack in the health department!

      I am so sorry to hear about your Mom :( I know Graves Disease is a frustrating diagnosis. No real cure and it’s something you have to be constantly careful with. Hopefully she will start feeling better now that she know’s how to fight it!

  • Rach says:

    ooooh dear! Does not sound like you’re having a good time these days but yay for a fun weekend! I got the shingles a few years ago and had the same reaction – I felt like an old lady because of the reputation that only old people get them! I thought I had a really bad mosquito bite (although I live the UK so it made no sense at all). It wasn’t until about 2 weeks after the rash appeared that I actually went to the doctor because I wanted to rip my skin off, thinking at the time it would be less painful than the pain of the rash. Good luck with the drive – I wonder if chamomile lotion might help if it gets itchy because it’s the same virus that causes chicken pox but has just been reactivated.

    • Erica House says:

      I told my students this week that I had a little old lady illness and they guessed shingles right on the first shot. Apparently two of them have had it as well! I was reading that more people getting the chicken pox vaccine as kids will make shingles more common in young adults. I don’t really feel itchy but I have been putting cortisone cream on the areas.

  • Jenny says:

    Shingles on the ass– you are living the dream! ;-) seriously though- hope it clears up soon and wish I was there with you a fitbloggin!

  • Helen says:

    My mom always points out my calluses on my feet too! She wants me to stop running as much but I’m like, there’s no way I am going to run less unless I am extremely ill.
    And I hope your shingles clear up!

    • Erica House says:

      I didn’t see the big deal about ‘runners feet’ until the last 6 months or so. Now, anyone can take a quick look at my foot and see I put the miles in weekly!

  • Jade says:

    In all honesty, shingles isn’t an old man’s disease anymore. And it will probably be more affluent (right word to use?) in the future and it’s because we now, usually, vaccinate our kids against chicken pox and before when someone’s kids had it they brought them all over to give all the other kids chicken pox and then by doing that boosted the adults system against the pox virus. But now that doesn’t happen. I have had actually a few patients come in that were under 25 that had shingles and I really did think it was crazy! So you aren’t alone.

    • Erica House says:

      Yep, that’s exactly what the nurse was telling me! I’m still not 100% convinced it is shingles. They don’t itch like crazy like everyone else experiences. My whole body hurts but that’s about it.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about the shingles, but your humor about it was pretty damn funny. Hope you feel better and have lots of fun this weekend! Oh- I’ve been busy this week so am just now catching up on my fav blogs. SO happy to hear you’re dating a military man!!! Get it ;)

    • Erica House says:

      I was talking with one of my students after class who has their own non-stop health issues and we both said at one point you just have to laugh about it.

      Yes, I think I finally may have found one of the last remaining good ones ;)

  • Traci says:

    I know someone in her 40’s that gets shingles any time she’s stressed out.