Fitness Friday: Marathon & Flood Recovery Edition (+ a Giveaway!)

May 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Workout Wrap Up
Saturday: MARATHON!

Sunday: 2 miles (14 min pace)

Monday: 2 mile walk

Tuesday: 30 minute bike + 15 minute elliptical

Wednesday: FLOOD CLEANING all day

Thursday: 4 mile run (10:50)

Friday: Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack + walk

 Well, this has been an interesting week! My workouts were pretty light given I was recovering from the marathon and then dealing with the flood.2014-04-26 12.49.30My marathon soreness was gone by Tuesday so I went to UWF to use the stationary bike and elliptical. Then the floods came and after spending 5 hours on my hands and knees cleaning/fighting water my soreness came back! I went for my first real run post-marathon on Thursday and it felt great. I needed to get out of my house and clear my mind.

So, this week involved a lot of compression socks (use code RNRNASH for 40% off!)…
2014-04-30 18.26.31-1Lots of chocolate and protein ice cream …2014-04-30 18.34.59And lots of kitty cuddles. 2014-04-30 18.36.12Most of my house is back to normal except for my office. I have books covering the floor trying to dry out, and I still need to mop the floor with bleach once I weed through and trash the books that have been damaged extensively. My yard is still flooded (two days later) and my car is still wet (after spending hours trying to get it out.) Good news is that an insurance adjuster should be coming out soon to see if I can get the carpet replaced. I’m not sure if there’s damage beyond cosmetic as I haven’t been driving it around much. I’ve worked really, really hard to keep this car in good condition since I paid it off last year and want to hold on to it as long as possible. I know if the insurance guy says the car just needs to be replaced I’d get maybe $3,000 for it. What the heck kind of new car could I get with that? So, cross your fingers for me that the damage is only cosmetic and I can get some shiny new carpeting out of this hot mess!

I’m hoping to go on a run with a friend tomorrow. It’s her longest run ever (she’s working toward a half now and full in January) and we are planning to do 7 miles at a 11:30-12 minute pace. I’m looking forward to a relaxed run and good company. Poor thing has no idea how much she’s going to have to listen to me vent.

Thankfully, I get to end this post on a very positive note – with a giveaway! I’m working with Vacation Races again and will  be running their virtual Memorial Day run this month. I even have a registration to give away to one lucky reader.

medal shirtFor all active duty and veterans you can register for this race for only $20 (yes that includes the shirt and medal!) using code: MILITARY. If your not military you can save $5 by using code: ERICAVR5. So, be sure to save those codes and register Monday if you don’t win the free entry! To ensure you get the size shirt you want delivered by Memorial Day you must register by Monday, May 5th. So, I will announce a winner on my blog Monday morning.

To enter: leave a comment below telling me why you’d like to run this race. Good luck!

WINNER SELECTED! Please email me ASAP to get your code.

VR winner

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  • I would love love love to win an entry into this virtual race as I am the wife of a three time Afghanistan veteran who mourns the loss of his friends every single day. Memorial Day is a tough day for our family as it is, like every day, a reminder of who and what my husband and thousands of families have lost from OIF and OEF, as well as every other war our country has endured. It would be an honor to get to run in this virtual race. Thanks for your partnership with such a cool organization, Erica!

  • Jenny says:

    Because I LOVE our vets!!! And I wanna run while I still can. ;-)

  • Katheryn says:

    I would love to win not only to support our vets, but I sadly haven’t ran a race in well over a year.

  • Nikki says:

    Hi, Erica! I stumbled upon your blog last week when I was searching the web for a curried cauliflower and channa recipe. Since then I have enjoyed looking through your blog at your running endeavors, recipe, and day to day adventures. Thanks for sharing your story, I can relate to a lot of it (active lifestyle, healthy interests, running, foodie, gluten free, etc.)! I look forward to following your journey.

    I would like to run the Vacation Races Memorial Day run because I spend the day working (out of town, away from my family none the less) and am unable to participate in many of the activities and typical opportunities to honor our service people. Like most people, many of my friends and family members have given much of their lives to the US military and our country and it was always a great holiday weekend to spend with my family while growing up. Now that I am a 20-something, contributing member of society, I think a virtual race would be a great way to honor our veterans and active duty personnel regardless of where I may be.

    Hope you get some good news from the insurance adjuster and your home continues to dry out! Thanks for the chance at a free registration.


  • thinking and praying for you friend. let me know if i can do anything!

  • Chris Whitney says:

    Positive thoughts that all will work out!

  • Congrats on your 2nd marathon finish! And thank you for all the inspiration you provide me as I’m training for my first. It’s not easy and reading your blog helps knowing that others struggle too! I’m sorry for all the flooding you’re dealing with – not fun!!

    For the race, I’ve never done a virtual race before so that’s why I want to win!

  • Danielle says:

    I hope everything works out with insurance! Having to get a new car would be such a hassle, and $3k definitely isn’t much :-/ We’ll be submitting our first rental insurance claim soon and I’m a little nervous. We have a little storage shed (extra space under the stairs of our apartment building). We went in there for the first time in a few months and everything is COVERED in mold. We have childhood items and a few larger items in there. It’s so upsetting. Hopefully mine will go as smoothly as yours seems to be going!

  • Caroline says:

    I’ve love to win because I come from a military family- my grandpa (career marine) just died in Feb.

    • Erica House says:

      I’m sorry for the loss of your Grandfather. I’m always in awe of men who grew up in the military after joining at a young age ‘back in the day’. They just seem to have a sense of honor and class about them that is hard to find now.

  • Hope the insurance man delivers some good news! I’d love to win (aside from the fact of never winning anything, haha) as I’m the wife of a vet who’s done two tours in Iraq and went back in the army as an officer after he graduated college. I just signed up for my first half marathon and have started a 20 week training program. This race would be an awesome opportunity to not only help me with this goal, but enable me to run in the memory of the friends that my husband lost (one being his best), as well as the thousands of others gone too soon. Definitely looking into running this race at any rate!

  • anortherngirls says:

    I would like to run to honor our active military and vets!

  • I would love to run this virtual race because it is for a great cause and I’m looking for a reason to dedicate a new PT attempt for 10k :)
    Best of luck with the flood repairs!!

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