Fitness Friday: Postpartum 5k PR + Happy Mail

February 12th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

I love that I’ve reset all of my prior PR’s to zero so once a week it seems I’m setting a postpartum PR. It helps keep me motivated as, if I’m being honest, I’m somewhat discouraged with how hard it’s been to get my pace times back to where they used to be.

Saturday: 4 mile run

Sunday: Leg day

Monday: Arms and Abs

Tuesday: Intervals: 1/2 mile warm up + 4×800’s at 10 minute pace

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: Timed 5k. 35 minutes a new postpartum PR (3.5 weeks ago it was at 38 minutes)

Friday: Arms and Abs

From everything I’ve read if you want to run faster, you have to run faster. So, I’ve been doing interval work 2x a week and doing an easy run on the weekends. I think I may add in a 4th day of running, and start working on cleaning up my diet more. Someone asked me in the comments this week how postpartum weight loss was going. I will do a full post on it soon but I’m 5 months postpartum tomorrow and 5 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve got a few new stretch marks, but otherwise my postpartum body looks, and feels, pretty similar to pre-pregnancy. I feel strong, and it’s frustrating that it’s not translating into quicker pace times.

At the height of my running days I was averaging 40-50 miles a week, with an easy pace of about 10:30 and a 5k PR of 25:15. I ran my first marathon at a 10:45 pace and cannot fathom doing that now! I know running exclusively on the treadmill doesn’t help, so I’m going to start getting outside for my weekend runs. If anyone has any other advice I would love to hear it!

This week I was all about random snack plates for lunch.

Lunch plate1

Those salt and pepper rice crackers are amazzzzing. The cheese is a bruschetta flavored cheese from Sargento. They were on sale here this week and I picked up 5 blocks. I’m a fan.
Lunch plate

We got so much happy mail this week! All of the grandparents sent baby boy a box for Valentines Day. My grandmother sent some cookies in hers that were promptly devoured by Travis and I. Seriously, we just got them yesterday and there are two cookies left.

Valentines packageg

My mom sent me this adorable vintage Valentines card. She’s following me on Twitter now and gets mad at me when I cuss online. Tweet heart card

I also received this package from mambi (the company that makes Happy Planners.) I’ve been eyeing their carrying case for a while so I finally ordered it when I picked up some of their new release items on February 1st. I swear I order things just for the thrill of opening packages. Happy mail

Travis has off the next four days so I’m looking forward to getting a lot done around the house, and doing some fun things around town. We’ve got a birthday party and folk festival to go to Saturday, our usual weekend shopping, and for Valentines day I asked Travis if we can go check out this bakery downtown and swing by my favorite boutique shop to pick up something small for myself. I saw a handmade mug there last time that I really wanted to get so hopefully it’s still there when we go back!

What are you doing this weekend?

How often do you receive Happy Mail?

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