Fitness Friday: Salem Needs Your Positive Thoughts!

February 5th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Fitness | Health | Life

This week positively flew by. Here’s a quick run down of my workouts:

Saturday: legs

Sunday: 4 miles (a postpartum distance PR!)

Monday: arms and abs

Tuesday: intervals (400’s at 9:40 pace)

Wednesdsy: rest

Thursdsy: intervals (2×1 mile repeats at 9:40)

Friday: total body strength

The novelty of treadmill running is wearing off just a little bit so I’m doing more speed work then I was previously to help keep boredom at bay. I’m so excited to be close to running a 5k under 30 minutes and feel like it will be happening next month. I’ve met a lot of new people here and I’m in the process of setting up a beginners 5k training program. I’ve been dreaming of doing one for years and now that I’m finally settled somewhere, and running comfortably again, I’m looking forward to seeing this idea come to fruition.

We started sleep training with little man last night. For the last few weeks he’d get up every 2-4 hours most nights and only go back to sleep via nursing, or using me as a pacifier. I’d spend an hour nursing him to sleep only for him to wake up 30 minutes later every. single. night. He’d then go back to sleep after being nursed, but continue to wake up every few hours and need to nurse again to get to sleep (he still doesn’t take a pacifier and at this point I’m glad we have one less thing to wean him off of!)

The sleep deprivation was getting to me, and I know it’s better to try and get him into healthy sleeping habits now versus waiting until he’s older. Last week got him out of being swaddled in a halo blanket every night and now he uses a zipadeezip. Now, we are focusing on teaching him how to fall asleep on his own, and in a few weeks we’ll transition him into his crib (I’m just not ready yet!) We are using the Pick Up/Put down method. I’ll report back on it’s progress once we see how it goes!

Here he is watching Spongebob while I ate lunch yesterday. I try to keep TV time to a minimum, so I usually save it for when I’m trying to eat lunch. He didn’t care too much for Spongebob but he loves Daniel Tiger. I can’t believe he actually ‘watches’ cartoons already.

watching tv

At the start of the new year I entertained the idea of doing some sort of reading challenge. A book a week? Maybe 30 books in the year? I realized I didn’t want to set specific parameters as I don’t need one more thing to stress out about, but I have started to make more of an effort to do some reading every day. I started reading Bringing up Bebe on Tuesday and devoured it in three days.

The author, an American journalist who ended up having three children while living in Paris, examines the differences between American and French parenting styles. It’s an amazing read and I feel like a lot of French parenting ‘techniques’ mirror what American parents used to do; focus on independent play versus helicopter parenting, teach children to have patience, and as mothers not act like the world revolves around the child.
IMG_6164 (1)

As I mentioned on Monday we took Salem to the vet this past weekend to see about getting his teeth cleaned. They discovered an abscessed tooth and the earliest they could get him in was the 17th. They also did a complete blood panel and the vet called me Monday to say he’s anemic. The vet believes it’s related to his FIV, and Salems red blood cell count wasn’t so low as to be very alarming, but something that needs to be monitored.

I got a call yesterday that they had a cancellation so we will be bringing Salem in today to have his abscessed tooth removed, teeth cleaned, and butt shaved. I’m so nervous! I’m sure everything will be fine, but you never know 100% with an older cat going under anesthesia. Every night after I’ve nursed the baby to sleep I’ve gone downstairs to spend at least 30 minutes cuddling with Salem.

His eyes have been watering all week, the vet said it is a common side effect to dental issues, and it makes him look like he’s been crying all day. It’s just so pitiful.
poor salem1Hopefully I’ll return with good news on Sunday with my weekly Plan With Me post! I’m going to spend all my free time snuggling with him this weekend, and doing my weekly meal prep. We may try out another new restaurant. We’ve got two we love here so far and I can’t wait to bring my parents to them when they come visit us in TWO MONTHS. I’m so freaking excited. I really wish baby and I could fly down there for a week sometime but the thought of 15 hours in a plane with a baby makes me want to vomit. At what age does it become bearable flying with young children?

What are you up to this weekend?

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