Fitness Friday: Seriously TGIF Edition

June 13th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: 13.1 miles (11:07 pace)

Sunday: REST

Monday: Bob Harper Pure Burn, Super Strength

Tuesday: 6 miles (10:26)

Wednesday: Xtend Barre

Thursday: 6 miles (9:40) + 4 mile evening therapy run (11:55 pace)

Friday: Strength Train

It has been a week.

No adjective is quite appropriate – it has just been a week. Thankfully, my beloved running therapy is back in action! I haven’t had to use running as a medication for stress this much since whats-his-face two years ago (the day after the break-up I took about 5 minutes off my 5k PR #RageRunning.)

I tried to keep my pace moderate this week as to not push my calf into acting up again. I ended up running into a friend on my run Thursday who helped me keep a pretty quick pace but aside from that I didn’t do any speed work this week.

2014-06-12 05.49.54I got to play the role of tour guide to a friend who was in town earlier this week. I took him to the Naval Aviation Air Museum on Monday (I’ve been to the best museums in NYC and Chicago and this one ranks up there) and we acted like tourists on the beach Tuesday.

For the record he is in fact a grown man, but this was his beach towel.
2014-06-10 09.29.33

It’s so nice if you get out to the beach early enough (like around 8-9 a.m.) you can pretty much have it all to yourself.

2014-06-10 09.36.56

I also took him to my favorite frozen yogurt place, TCBY, where I went into a mild sugar coma.

2014-06-10 18.08.50I’ve had so much going on this week I’ve actually been drinking a little bit of coffee. As in, I had it twice this week which is about two times more often then I’ve had it in the last few weeks.

2014-06-11 09.21.08

Here is a photo of me making out with Salem.

2014-06-09 14.08.02I think I’m going to take Friday off and recuperate from this week. Saturday I’ll be getting together with the family to celebrate Fathers Day early. They like to avoid the crowds so we’ve started going out to eat for holidays like Mothers Day or Fathers Day a day early. Is that weird? Aside from that I need to do some work on the panel I’m moderating for Fitbloggin and get a long run in and hopefully not die from heat stroke. I’m also in desperate need of a new 90’s show to watch. I seriously feel like I’ve seen them all, so any suggestions would be appreciated (especially if they are available on Netflix or Hulu!)

What are your Fathers Day plans? (And what are you getting him?)


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