Fitness Friday: Tiny Treasures from the Week

January 22nd, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Another week, another workout recap!

Saturday: 2 mile walk

Sunday: Leg day! All the squats, deadlifts and lunges w/25 lb weight

Monday: Upper body + Abs

Tuesday: Intervals! 1/2 mile warm up, then 5×400 at 10 min pace.

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 5k at 12 min pace

Friday: Not sure yet!

Since giving workout DVD’s a break a few weeks ago to focus on lifting heavier (at home) I’ve noticed such huge changes! My arms (particularly shoulders) are starting to get more definition, and weight that felt SO heavy to do squats with a few weeks ago (25 pounds) doesn’t make me want to vomit anymore.

I also hit a postpartum weight loss plateau last month, and randomly lost 1.5 pounds last week. My diet has been pretty much the same so I can only attribute it to focusing more on heavier weights. I’m about 6 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight! I’ve honestly felt back to ‘normal’ since about 5 pounds ago. If I never lost another pound I’d be quite happy, but I’d love to do a lot more toning so we’ll see where my weight ends up landing at.

I stuck to my usual meals this week and needed to make a mid-week grocery store run for some oatmeal I forgot to pick up last weekend. I kept hearing on the news that the stores were running low on certain items thanks to barges not making it up here on time. One news source made it sound like Fairbanks was on the verge of running out of food! True to form the news was sensationalizing things quite a bit. While I did grab the last container of quick cooking oats you can see in the photo below that there was plenty of food left!
fairbanks food shortage

They were out of a few other things that I needed, so it was a nice reminder to stock up on pantry staples whenever they go on sale.

Over the past week I’ve picked up a few new treasures. Travis and I each get a set amount of blow money every month (see how we do our budget) and I try to get out of the house at least once a week, with or without little man, to do some shopping. It’s usually nothing more than a quick trip to the bookstore or craft store. It gets me out of the house, and it feels nice to do something for me. This week I was excited to get to Joanns after my planner friends started sharing photos of this cute set that was just put out this week.

joannsI actually trashed my beyond gross make-up bag last week, so I was eyeing the ‘do what you love’ bag. When I saw it in person it was a much more dull gray then I thought it would be so I went with the ‘blessed’ bag. I know, I know. What a trite saying. Hashtag: basic bitch. I just loved the purple and gold! With a 40% off coupon it was $3.60.

joanns case

These little treasures I actually picked up a few weeks ago when we went to Chena hot springs. I love collecting crystals. What can I do with them though? They’ve just been in a little bag in my purse since I got them and I’d love to display them somehow.


Travis was home from work on Monday and I slipped away for two hours to do some solo shopping. My favorite store in Fairbanks is this amazing little boutique gift shop downtown called “If Only.” They have a vast collection of upscale stationary items, and lots of jewelry and home decor made from Alaskan artists. I came across this candle that was on sale and smelled just like home in Florida. The homesick factor has been strong recently. The cold, lack of sun, and lack of sleep just make me romanticize what life in Florida was like.

paddywax candle

The best treasure this week was this blurry selfie with my son. He’s awesome. Travis has downloaded an app that has games on it for babies (called Baby View Pocket) and little man loves it. Anytime he sees my phone now he tries to ‘play’ with it. I’m very torn on how I feel about this! Travis keeps joking that we need to get him an iPad already. I think he should at least be able to wipe his own butt before he gets an iPad.

This weekend the weather is supposed to start warming up and next week it will be in the high 20’s all week! We are going to check out a local bookstore, and maybe try out a new restaurant. I try to stick to ‘baby friendly’ restaurants. One’s that look like they’d be loud and it wouldn’t look strange for Travis or I to be standing up eating while holding a baby. There are a few nice restaurants in town we hope to get to once little guy is a bit older and we feel comfortable having someone over to babysit.

I’m hoping to spend all day Sunday baking and cooking. I’m starting to think more about making things I wouldn’t mind letting baby eat. He’s obsessed with our food now! Anytime we are eating he tries to eat some of it. I know he’ll be eating solid foods soon and I want to make sure I’m eating as healthy as possible so he could have some of it. Any recommendations for books on baby led weaning would be appreciated!

What are you doing this weekend?
How old were your kids before you left them with a sitter? 

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