Friday Favorites: Vacation Edition

August 19th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

We survived a full day of flying with an 11 month old!

imageLittle man did very well and slept the majority of the flights. We left our house at midnight and got in at 6 p.m. Eastern time. We had three flights and a three hour layover in Seattle (wonderful ESO!) Travis and I both couldn’t sleep much on the planes so we crashed hard when we got home that night.

Yesterday we spent the day shopping and hanging out at a dairy farm. Baby slept great the first night (in a pack n play in a room across from ours) but was up a few times last night. We are trying to keep his nighttime schedule on Alaska time so he’s not waking up at 2 a.m. when we get back.

It is amazing how Dayton feels like a thriving metropolis compared to Fairbanks. I’ll do more of a trip recap once we get home this weekend (it’s a very short trip!)

One of my favorites from the trip thus far was getting my first bra fitting at Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been nursing for almost a year and wearing the most uncomfortable, and worn out, nursing bras. I tried to buy a new regular bra in Fairbanks but the choices at Fred Meyer and Walmart suck (seriously the only places with bras here.)

I knew I wanted to hit up VS while in Ohio (and Bath and Body Works to get some Fall candles) so I ran in and grabbed a few bras in my usual size to try on. As I went into the fitting room the woman asked me if I’d had a fitting lately. I told her no, but I’d love one.

A few minutes later she told me what my actual size was and my jaw dropped. I thought I was a 34/36 B.

32 DDD.

What in the actual hell.

She pulled a few in styles great for nursing, and post nursing, moms. She took one look at me and could tell I was nursing, and what side was his favorite!


When I got home that night I looked up how bra measurements convert to bra sizes and saw how a woman could be “small” and wear a DD/DDD. I also kept seeing the statistic that 90% of women wear the incorrect size so everyone should go get sized correctly!

Another favorite this trip has been taking advantage of the fact that calories don’t count while on vacation.


Fresh, locally made, smores ice cream. We let baby have his first taste of ice cream and he didn’t love it as much as we thought he would! Took a few licks off the spoon but went right back to his grilled cheese.

Realistically I do try to balance out having fun with eating healthy even while on vacation (although I haven’t exercised since Tuesday and hope to get in a little workout today or tomorrow!) Travis and I packed as many healthy snacks as we could in our luggage. We knew we’d be coming back with a lot more then we came with between shopping for ourselves and his family spoiling little man, so we brought a bunch of food and diapers that we will use up here and have space in the suitcases for the way home.

It’s funny we brought some Premier Protein shakes since we both love them, and his Dad had a few cases at the house already.


They are on sale at Costco until August 23. You can get $5 off and you can even buy them online author a membership! I ordered a few cases to stock up my strawberries & cream stash.

We are headed to the aquarium in Cincinnati today. His little cousin is joining us so it’s going to be so fun to see them both freaking out over the fishes!

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