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March 23rd, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

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Y’all know I love a good cleaning project and Spring is the perfect time to start a weekly cleaning habit! I find that Spring Cleaning is much more manageable when you stay on top of everyday cleaning all year long. Two weeks ago I shared that I was going to clean like a 1950’s housewife for a week. Through my random obsession with life in the 1950’s I came across a typical weekly cleaning checklist that I used to dictate my chores for the week.

I loved the experience! I found that having a weekly cleaning checklist to tell me exactly what I needed to do every day helped streamline my cleaning significantly. Instead of sitting around trying to decide what I should do for the day I just glanced at the list and got to work. I spent about the same time cleaning as I had before, but got so much more done.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Nothing motivates me to clean more than new cleaning goodies! The Motherhood sent me some of favorite paper products:

  • Viva® Big Roll Paper Towels: These are seriously the best paper towels ever invented. I’ve been using them for years and will never buy another brand. They hold up like fabric towels, and I can’t think of the last time I’ve had to use more than one when cleaning an area of the house. If I’m cleaning up a spill I can wring the water out and reuse the towel until the spill is gone. The Viva® Vantage® have a scrubby texture so they are great for really scrubbing counter tops and they don’t disintegrate in your hands, yet they are still super soft.
  • Cottonelle®: Because we take our toilet paper seriously and only go with the best!
  • Scott® 1000: I hadn’t tried this brand before and wanted to see how it compared to Cottonelle®. I love that it comes with 1000 sheets so it lasts longer.

What should I use that adorable pink tote for?


You guys are going to think I’m so dense. We live in a two story home and whenever I would clean the upstairs bathroom I would just carry up all the cleaning products and paper towels in my arms, inevitably dropping at least one along the way. I never even thought to get a cleaning caddy! I keep it under our kitchen sink and it’s so great to be able to just grab it and take it to whatever room I’m working in.IMG_1747 To give my home the post-winter refresh it deserves I headed over to Walmart, a one-stop shop for all your cleaning and organization essentials. I had been looking at organizational pieces online and most cost a fortune. I couldn’t believe I found these two wooden organizers at Walmart for under $15 a piece! I’m still not sure what I want to use the corner shelf for. I know it’s supposed to be used for plates and such but I’d love to think of a nontraditional use for it.


I decided to use the turntable under my bathroom sink. I have so many toiletries I use on a regular basis and hate keeping anything out on the counter tops. This way I can quickly spin it around and grab whatever I need to use. Plus, it saves a lot of space since it has two levels. IMG_1782

Based on the 1950’s cleaning schedule I used I created this updated version. If you hate cleaning, or find it overwhelming when trying to juggle work and little ones (I empathize completely) then I’d strongly recommend you try out a weekly cleaning checklist.

If you’d like to get the PDF to print and use yourself just drop your email below and it will be sent over immediately!
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Free Weekly Cleaning Checklist

I really try not to spend more than 30-45 minutes cleaning every day and I don’t think I’ve had to spend more than 45 minutes a day since I started using this cleaning schedule. I’m working on streamlining my day better so I’m not constantly trying to juggle 2-3 tasks at once, and having one less thing to think about is really helping.

Check out my Spring Cleaning Pinterest Board for more ideas!

What’s the best cleaning tip you have?

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