My Gigantic Halloween Decor Collection

October 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

I like Halloween.


I love Halloween. I started collecting Halloween decorations while still living at home in High School and haven’t stopped since. I look forward to the after-Halloween sales almost as much as I do the holiday itself! After 10 years of collecting I’ve amassed an impressive array of spooktacular decor.

This past weekend I pulled out all the boxes and spent the evening  cleaning, making soup, and decorating. Couldn’t have done it all without my little helper!

There’s no way I could make this post short – you’ve been warned!

Dollar store Halloween snow globes in the bathroom.

A Spooky Town Halloween countdown on a shelf in the Bathroom.

Close-up of the countdown, along with some random decor from around the house.

A Halloween Village my mom put out when I was growing up. I inherited it a few years ago and it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces! You can see part of my ‘face cup’ collection above it.

Halloween musical snow globe! Moving into the Living Room area now:

Handmade pillows from a Halloween swap I did on 2 years ago!

A gorgeous table runner I picked up on clearance from Target last year with my Halloween book collection and candle holders from Michaels.

I love the detail of these mini busts! The black candle I’ve had for years and is by far my favorite Halloween candle.

Now – my pride and joy, Spooky Town!

Spooky Town is sold at Michaels (so always use your 40% coupon!) and the houses light up and have sound effects! The following pictures are from our bedroom:

I actually donated a small box worth of decorations this year and have a huge box filled with more decor I just didn’t have room for! What a burden ;)

Does anyone else go this overboard for Halloween?


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