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September 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Friday afternoon I traveled up to Alabama to meet Travis as soon as he got off of work. I love seeing him in his uniform!Army CoupleWe we’re both hungry so we went to this Chinese Buffet just off base for a hybrid late lunch/early dinner. They didn’t have too many vegetarian options but I happily filled up two plates with lo mein noodles and fried rice! Oh, and sugar cookies.
Chinese Buffet LunchWhen we got back to his place we found out Mom had sent us a giant tin from the Popcorn Factory to share. I ate a good 2/3rds of the butter and cheddar in two days. Stuff is addicting.
Popcorn FactoryAfter a very rough week of runs I had a PERFECT run Saturday. I attribute it to taking it pretty easy last week and having gorgeous weather in the low 60’s. We ran 8 and I was able to keep a decent pace and didn’t have to stop once. Running as a coupleAfter a quick shower we made the 2 hour drive to Destin, FL to hang out there for the day. I grew up in the town next to it (Fort Walton Beach) so I love visiting my old stomping grounds and I was in desperate need of some new clothes (Destin has the best shopping!) We started off at the Commons, an upscale outdoor mall, and hit up Panera Break for lunch. I almost passed out when I saw my favorite soup is back on the menu. You MUST try the Autumn Squash soup next time you go in!Lunch at PaneraWe didn’t find anything at the Commons, a bit to rich for our blood, so we hit up something more our speed – the outlet mall! I’m such a picky shopper I didn’t get much but I did find two sweaters from Old Navy and the Gap. I go through phases where I really wish I was more fashionable but I rarely have the $$ or energy to follow through on that.

After a few hours of walking around the outlet mall we hit up PF Changs before heading home. I started off with three spring rolls, moved onto the Buddhas Feast and ended with Salted Caramel Cake and one of Travis’s fried banana wontons (with pineapple coconut ice cream.) It was heavenly.Dessert at PF ChangsSunday started off with a long run. We were supposed to do 16 but I just couldn’t push past 15. It took me 3 hours so my average pace was 12. I’m still not sure if I’m doing the half or the full in November and since I’ve basically stopped following the Hanson plan I’m not sure if I should even attempt the Full. We’ll see.

WeekendI hit the snooze alarm a bit too long that morning so we didn’t start our run until much later than usual. By the time we got home it was already 11, so the rest of the day flew by. I napped, Travis started going through his clothes to get rid of some of his 100+ shirts (seriously) to make room for me in December, and I eventually peeled myself off the couch to clean house a bit.

I’ve been reading a book on meditation and breathing/visualization exercises. I feel a phase coming on. I miss reading daily, watching documentaries, and generally nerding out. I don’t know if it’s the Fall weather slowly crawling in that’s making me feel more studious, or a need to be stimulated outside of my crazy work schedule. I’m going to embrace it.

How was your weekend?

What’s the last good book, or documentary, you watched?

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