Hurricane Isaac

August 29th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Hurricane Isaac was a complete and total bust for those of us living in the Panhandle. The day before the storm was supposed to hit it started moving more toward Louisiana leaving us with just a bit of rain, dark skies, and wind.


Not that I mind – we didn’t lose power at all so we just spent the day watching documentaries, shopping at Target and eating junk food :)

We drove around for a bit to see if we could find some evidence of the storm passing through and there wasn’t much to see!

So now I’m sitting here for an entire day again waiting to go back to work tomorrow. I really shouldn’t complain but I *love* my job and I loathe sitting inside the house all day. I made a mile long to-do list this morning so that should keep me motivated until at least lunchtime when Matt comes home.

I hope all my friends & readers in Louisa are safe! Let me know if the Hurricane hit your area!


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