I run for the shit miles

April 24th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

The miles where you are utterly convinced that you aren’t going to make it to the finish line.

Your legs are suddenly made of lead, the sun has never been hotter in your entire life, and you’d cry if you had enough water left in you to form tears.

I run for those moments.

MarathonWhen I think about why I love running so much it has very little to do with the act of putting one foot in front of the other hundreds of times in a row. I love to do things that scare me, that force me into becoming a stronger person. There is a part of me that is legitimately afraid of what may happen on race day. With that fear also comes excitement. So many of us live our lives day in and day out doing the same damn things. Deciding to train for something huge, like a marathon, gives me an escape from the mundane hamster wheel of life. I need that challenge. I spend hours every week for 4 months training for an event that is over in a few hours. Most of the time on race day is pretty good, some of it feels like there’s no way you’ll survive, but then you see the finish line and for a few moments the world stops moving and all that exists is you and a sense of pride so huge that you almost start to float.

Marathon quote

I run because someday I won’t be able to.

I run because a few years ago I couldn’t.

I run because if Terry Fox can run 3,339 miles then I can surely run 26.2 {and if you don’t know who he is you are truly missing out.}

I run for the best moment on race day, and the worst, because I need both of them to become a better version of myself.

marathonWhy do you run?


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  • Chelle says:

    I love this. So inspiring. I am running my first half marathon with a friend this spring. I am seriously freaked out and so excited!

  • Good luck on your second marathon Erica! Can’t wait to hear about it. I run for the sheer joy of it. I haven’t signed up for any races in awhile (except one yearly one) because I just want to enjoy running for itself. I love the kick-butt feeling afterward. And I love the running community. It’s such a rare camaraderie.

    • I can sometimes get to caught up in times to much when I have a lot of races going on, so it would be nice to not focus on that for a while. I’m not doing another ‘big’ race (a half) until September so I’ll have lot of time to get back to running just because!

  • Love this post. I especially love this line “I run for the best moment on race day, and the worst, because I need both of them to become a better version of myself”

    So freaking damn true. We see who we really are when we do these runs, little by little, with each step a layer of the persona we built up around ourselves comes off and we see who we really are and what we want to be. Running makes me raw from the inside out, forcing me to push through, challenge myself and get stronger.

    I can’t believe you’re running your second marathon already! I’m so excited for you :) Sorry I didn’t follow your training this time around (life issues) but I know you’ve got this. I’ll be cheering you on. Can’t wait to read the recap!

    • “Running makes me raw.” SO true! There’s no hiding yourself when running, the ugly, sweaty, struggle that’s obvious to anyone who take one look at you.

      You’ve definitely had a lot going on in life. I also haven’t talked about training nearly as much for this one as I did the first time around. I’m going to do a recap post after the marathon going over what I did differently and if it works (hopefully it does!)

  • I *just* started running again, so the shit miles come early. Why am I going through all of that again? because I want to be better to myself. I’ve not treated myself well in the last year and I am just now coming out of the fog, it seems. After all of my runs this week, even though it hurts like hell and I am sore all over, it’s totally worth it.

    Some days, I say, “Oh, I’m not feeling it, I’ll just run one mile.” Then that turns into three or four. That most definitely says something about what running does for me. Once I start, I can’t leave it. It’s freeing, and soothing (you know, when I’m not gasping for breath), and I can either do all the thinking I want or none at all.

    I’m sad that I lost all that time that I could have been running. But I’m so thankful I’ve started again.

    *sorry for the brain dump :)

    • Being a little sore after a good bout of running is one of the best feelings.

      The first mile is definitely the hardest. It’s always worth it though, and it sounds like it’s exactly what you should be doing right now!

  • I love everything about this!!
    I’m terrified to run my 50k – which is why I joke about not thinking about it. Why the eff did I sign up to run a marathon plus 20%?! But my training has already changed me and made me better and stronger.
    Have a great run this weekend!!

    • 26,2 is such a huge jump from 13.1, that the difference between 31 and 26.2 seems so tiny!

      Yes, at the end of 26.2 Saturday, I’m going to wonder how on earth I’ll EVER be able to run more than that!

  • Tara says:

    U know….I’m not sure why I’m running right now since I have a love hate relationship w running that is more hate over the past year but u r making me think which is good! I did 10k tonight in 68 mins which is really really good for me and it felt great for those few mins after. But right now I’m icing my back cuz it hurts along w my iT bands and wondering why I did this to myself! Maybe I run for the challenge and to push myself and see if I can do it. I think I need to find the balance of running for fun and running for “sport”. Any thoughts on not getting to caught up in time and miles etc and getting down on yourself when u rnot reaching ur goals? I LOVE the line about running because some day u won’t b able too! So true

    • Erica House says:

      10k in 68 minutes is awesome! It’s hard to know when you are pushing yourself to hard sometimes. I have to be very diligent about stretching every day and foam rolling to prevent injuries. If your getting caught up in time/miles and not enjoying the run as much anymore than try running without a garmin or phone to track yourself. Just get outside and run! Who cares for how long or how far you go – just try to remember why you love it.

  • TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS. Those most painful last 3-5 miles are also the best, because you know you can do ANYTHING. I love this, such good pre-race motivation for me!