Killer Core Plank Challenge

If you remember a few weeks ago I shared a video on how to do a proper plank. In case you couldn’t tell – I love them. Almost as much as peanut butter, but not quite as much as Salem.



Now, I am partnering up with ChallengeLoop to encourage you all to join me in planking out the month of February!


Here are the details: My challenge to you is to hold in plank as long as you can for at least 5 days a week for the duration of this challenge (One Month.) Whenever you complete a plank just leave a comment on the ChallengeLoop page saying how long you were able to hold it for. Whoever has a minimum of 20 entries for the month will be entered to win a fitness DVD of their choosing from!

The Challenge will kick-off on Monday, February 4th. I get so many questions and comments on planking so I hope you all will consider joining me! It doesn’t matter how long you can hold it for, just that you are giving it your best. I promise it will help tighten up those core muscles and give you some seriously sexy shoulders!

Speaking of challenges, the DietBet I’m hosting ends Feb. 4th and so far the 117 participants have lost an average of 4.2 pounds in 3 weeks.

Yes, I’m doing another DietBet asap. It has been incredible seeing how much people are motivating one another to stay on track with healthy eating and exercising. Got to love the power of social media!

How are your New Years Resolutions coming?


  1. says

    Awesome video girl! And I love the picture with the components of a perfect plank written out- good idea! I’m always trying to beat 2 min 30 seconds but that is my max right now. Sometimes I will do 4 sets of 1 minute planks with 15 sec rest in between… that is tough!! Have a great day!!!

    • Erica House says

      My max is 2:35! I’m hoping to be able to comfortable do 4 min by the time this challenge is over. I should try doing 2 min at a time with 30 sec in between to build up my stamina!

  2. says

    AHH, I’ve almost finished doing one month of them in January, another?! Well yes maybe, I’ll make sure I sign up later! 4 Minutes sounds like a good time, I might try and beat ya ;)

  3. Cassandra says

    DietBet has been so much fun! I’d sign up if you do another one, not even to lose weight, but because I think the current DietBet has held me accountable to my recent clean eating (I cannot believe I’ve gone three weeks without a cookie) and stepping up the fitness regime big-time. I’m trying to push myself to sign up for your plank challenge as well. The problem is I LOATHE static exercises. I’m a total HIIT bust-a-move exerciser. But I know planks are an essential exercise, so your challenge might help get my butt into gear!

    • Erica House says

      One of my biggest motivators for deciding on a plank challenge was to keep myself accountable! I do them maybe 2-3 times a week now but I’m looking forward to committing to 5 times.

  4. Erika says

    Love planks and I love learning new ways of doing them. This workout looks great and challenging. I’m curious what a bridge is though – I know what I do for a bridge but I’m wondering if it is the same thing.

  5. says

    I am excited about this! I love planking but have never done it every day for a month. I challenged my husband to a planking competition last night to see how long we could do it. I held it for 1:02, him for 1:04. I can’t wait to see how my time improves over the next month! Then I will challenge him again and I will beat him! :)

    • Erica House says

      Lol – I was going to ask if you are making him do the challenge with you, but it’s almost better this way since now you’ll definitely beat him!

      • says

        I was going to get him to do it with me, but he has more upper body strength than me and I lost a lot of mine recently and am in the process of rebuilding it. So I need at least a month head start on him so we can make it a real competition for us in the future. :)

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