Marathon training, food prep & photo shoot sneak peek!

February 24th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Saturday morning I met up with my running partner to do a challenging 8 mile loop around Pensacola. I know people (like my Dad) like to scoff and say Florida doesn’t have hills, but they ain’t been around these parts. I ran 13.1 total, 8 of them with her, and I am eternally grateful anytime I have some company on one of my runs!

2014-02-22 08.47.19It’s not only nice to have someone there to chat with so I don’t spend 2 hours thinking about food, but I tend to run a bit faster when I’m with someone else. Plus, as I approached the top of yet another hill and announced I’d have to stop and walk for a minute she just looked and me and said “No, you don’t.” And that was that. I love being pushed out of my comfort zone!

That afternoon I went with a friend to an antique store in Pace. We got back to her place and worked on some laundry and bathed her dog, Toby. He is officially the cutest dog I’ve ever been around.
2014-02-22 14.52.33That night we went downtown for a few drinks. There was a huge convention in town, Pensacon, so it was a CLUSTER eff of people everywhere. I still had a good time and was surprised by how many compliments I received on this old shirt I pulled out of the back of my closet!
2014-02-22 18.40.54Sunday I stayed in bed watching tv and reading until about 1 p.m. I dragged my butt out of bed to get to the store so I could do my food prep for the week. Nothing fancy, but man have I put a hurting on that faux meat sauce (boca crumbles + Newmans own Sockarooni.) 2014-02-23 15.51.44Last night was my big photo shoot with Long Hollow Studio in Pensacola. The owner, Noel, was looking for a model for a Mardi Gras theme she wanted to do and I was fortune enough to be selected. I haven’t had professional hair/make-up done since high school so this was a total treat for me. So, here’s me 100% make-up free:2014-02-23 16.48.472 hours later: Voila! She told the make-up artists/hairstylist to ‘go big’ and I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to see the finished photos! I’ll definitely share them here when I receive them.
2014-02-23 21.12.02Hard to look classy when you’ve got a crapper behind you.

2014-02-23 19.03.24-1I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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