The BEST Frittata Muffins + Midnight Sun Run 10k

June 20th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

It finally feels like Summer in Alaska.

We’ve had temperatures into the mid 70’s this past week, and a few sunny days. Little man and I have been getting outside as much as possible for walks, picnics and general exploring (he loves playing in the grass.)

Everyone told me once Summer hit that the entire city would be outside. They weren’t exaggerating. With daylight nearly 24 hours now it seems like there is always something going on. The only issue has been a lot of cloudy, rainy days. So, when the sun opens up everyone rushes outside to enjoy it while they can.

Last week we ran our usual 5k at the beer run and since it was our fourth run we got a free beer after. I also set a postpartum 5k PR. 29 minutes exactly. It’s so hard to believe I once ran it in 25:15. I’m working on getting back to that pace!

Hoodoo Beer Run

As nice as it has been to have some sunny days it’s also a bit rough since none of the houses up  here have air conditioning. The temperature upstiars was in the upper 70’s and not very comfortable to sleep in. We have a window AC unit for our sons room but it’s ridiculously loud so I don’t want to leave it on overnight. I turn it on for about an hour before he goes to bed to get the room down to about 70.

I ran to Walmart a few days ago to pick up some hot day essentials.


Sadly, I must say I wasn’t too impressed with these flavors of Arctic Zero.

FullSizeRender (2)

On Saturday night I headed out to the Midnight Sun Run 10k. It’s supposed to be one of the biggest races in Fairbanks and it celebrates the Summer equinox, or the longest day of the year (which is actually today.) Of all race distances 10k is my least favorite. I like to either sprint like hell in a 5k, or just go slow and steady for a half or full.

The Stroller Strong Moms got together for a group photo before the race (I’m 3rd from the left.)


My goal was to keep a 10 minute pace. I figured since I ran a 9:20 pace at the beer run a few days prior that a 10 min pace was reasonable. I hoovered between a 10-10:15 for the first four miles before deciding to go all out on the last 2.2. I held about a 9:25 pace toward the end and my overall pace was 9:50. I was very happy with that!

I’m starting a level two carb cycle today but forgot one of my favorite low carb staples when I went to the store this weekend – tofu! I’ll have to run back today and grab some for dinner.


In the level 2 program I’ll be doing more advanced workouts then level 1, and experimenting with shorter feeding windows. I’m interested to see what works to incorporate into future bootcamps I run.


I didn’t get around to doing any food prep this weekend, so I’ll be doing that today. I taught yoga yesterday and it was so, so needed after that 10k! It was a small class but a lot of fun. Two of the students had also done the 10k and were sore so I spent some extra time in runners lunge and pigeon.

Today I’ll be making up some of the most amazing frittata muffins. You can check out the recipe on my instagram. It’s a basic veggie frittata but with a bit of pesto added. I don’t think I can ever have eggs again without pesto. It’s a great low carb option too!

pesto frittata muffins

Travis has today off so we are planning to go on a hike this morning, and he’s going to do some fishing this afternoon. We’ve been looking at kayaks and will hopefully be buying some soon as we’ve only got a few weeks of Summer left and we’ve both been wanting to get out on the water somehow.

Registration for my next bootcamp is open – check it out here!


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