Mizuno Wave Ride 18 May Be My “One”

October 30th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

This post is sponsored by Fitfluential, LLC. Mizunos are the 1st shoes I fell in love with.

I am really picky about my running shoes.

No, really, picky. I’ve been running in the same style of shoes, the Mizuno Wave Sayonara, for two years now. Every 5k, half marathon, and full marathon I’ve done has been in those beauties.

I’ve tried other shoes, but I always went back to the Sayonaras. Until now.


Last year I had the opportunity to try out the Wave Rider 17’s and honestly … I wasn’t in love. I could tell they were superior quality and well made, but they still felt heavy and clunky to me. After running a few times in the Wave Rider 18‘s I’ve noticed a significant improvement in those two areas.

The Wave Rider 18’s feel almost as light as my Sayonaras, but feel substantially more supportive. It is a neutral shoe and best described by Mizuno themselves:

Mizuno adopted the inspirational influence of the Japanese concept of “Hado,” the intrinsic vibrational life force energy that promotes powerful transformations. Hado is executed in the Wave Rider’s sleek, dynamic design relaying the power and kinetic energy of running, harnessing the transformative possibilities of every run.

The new Wave Rider 18 provides the ideal balance of fit and performance, making it the choice for runners seeking a smooth ride in a sleek, lightweight daily running shoe. Mizuno’s patented Wave Technology® delivers maximum responsiveness and a harmonious feel, providing “just enough” support for your run. The Dynamotion® Fit™ upper and a modified outsole pattern gives the shoe added durability and an improved underfoot feel.

So fancy.




While I think I will stick to the Sayonaras for the marathon next weekend I will start running half of my runs in the Wave Riders as I prepare for marathon #4 and my first ultra next year. I’m not one to select shoes based on aesthetics but I am SO IN LOVE with the black and teal combination, especially with my standard hot pink running socks!

What is your ‘go to’ running shoe?
Have you ever thought of switching to a new brand?

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