My #1 Secret For Running a Great Marathon

May 7th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

What is your #1 race day tip?

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  • Carla says:

    ((shared)) since we both know Ive gots no tips to share :-)

  • Tina Muir says:

    Great post Erica! So very true!!!!! I think this is the case with everything in life, but in the last few miles of a marathon your inner demons are at their strongest and it shows just how grateful you are. You never know when injuries could strike, or running could be taken away, so it is important to appreciate each marathon you get to do. Thanks for a great post :)

    My number one running tip is consistency. The strength with come, you will get better, but only if you are consistent with your training.

    • Erica House says:

      Consistency is key! I’ve only been running for two years but I’ve taken my ‘everyday pace’ down from 12 minute miles to about a 10 minute mile. Thinking of ‘only’ shaving off a minute a miler per year doesn’t sound very impressive … but slowly I will get my pace down and they key is keeping at it!

  • Linz says:

    my tip is just make it to the finish line – that’s what i always tell myself if nothing else! haha

    • Erica House says:

      That’s a good goal to have! I also like to tell myself that my medal will look exactly the same no matter what time I finish in, so that takes some pressure off and reminds me that the real goal is just to finish injury free & have fun.

  • misszippy1 says:

    You are so right! I always go into a marathon knowing there is going to be pain and there’s going to be lows, but know that it will pass. And yes, it is a gift!

  • andrea1626 says:

    Attitude is everything! Great reminder, and I love the quote that the marathon is your dessert, that’s your treat for training.

    • Erica House says:

      It sounds so cliche to say, but when you get to the starting line and remember all the work that it took to get there, the race really should feel like one big party!

  • Caroline says:

    Race day is the dessert and the reward- I like that!

  • shannyn says:

    I’m going to have to pass this along to Chris, he’s doing the Chicago Marathon this year..eek!

  • tara says:

    i watnt to thank you for this…it came at a great time for me. i just ran my first 10k on sunday at the cleveland marathon. i have had a bad attitude over the past year or so about running due to having to slow down a bit to deal with some pain while running and soreness. Well…my boyfriend encouraged me to not worry about my time and just worry about mileage and for us to try to train for the 10k. we ran the 6.2 3 x and then i decided that i would do it. I was trying hard not to focus on the time and instead “enjoy” the time he and i had together (he was willing to slow up and run with me which was nice). I saw this post and he watched it with me and said “thats what i’ve been trying to tell you”. Before race day i tried to think of the race as the “dessert” and how lucky i am to be able to run at all, etc. Well i was a super nervous wreck before the race. slept like 3 hrs ! But we did it. and in a great time for me. 1:05:47 which is 3 mins faster than our fastest training. i felt pretty good during the race excpet for my back hurting but i tried to look around me, admire the city. We even snapped some photos along the way. I read the signs people held and instead of feeling anger towards the people passing me i tried to think “good for them”. We ran our own race. We use the run/walk method where we run 5 mins, walk 1, repeat. Usually i get all caught up in “people will think its ridiculous to see me walk after 5 mins”. But i didnt this time. I just did my thing. And i thought of you and what you said in this post !!!! I had enough in me to sprint to the finish which felt great. i stayed and got a great seat at the finish and watched others come in. I saw different body shapes/sizes, different ages, some were sprinting to the finish vs some limping in. Some people broke their records and others were the opposite. I tried to take it all in and be greatful i was there.

    The point of this never ending post is….if you ever feel like what you do on your blog falls on deaf ears or gets lost in the interwebs…don’t. What you posted in this video stuck with me and came at the perfect time. I wanted to make sure i wrote back to let you know this. So thank you….you got me to understand what my BF was preaching for the last 6 months…but you said it sooooo much better :)

    • Erica House says:

      I absolutely teared up while reading this. THANK YOU. It means so much to me that something I said could help you have a better run! I love blogging no matter how many people may read it, but I do sometimes wonder if I’m actually conveying the message I hope to send. Thanks to you I know that I am!

      Congrats on such a great race – 1:05:47 is an amazing time! Once you change your attitude around isn’t it just so much FUN to be out there on the course? I seriously can’t wait until my next race. I think I run for the energy and excitement more so then anything else.

      • That is awesome Erica! And I agree with Tara – I find strength in your blogs and love reading them. Makes me feel like I am not the only one going through some of this stuff, as you are going through it and blogging about it too! Best to Salem, lol.

  • tara says:

    well….fun is not yet what i would say…but definately better :)