My experience on a Juice Cleanse

March 6th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

When I was first approached by Skinny Limits about reviewing their 3 day juice cleanse I was hesitant.


I told them straight out that I don’t advocate ‘detoxes’ on my website, and don’t believe that a juice cleanse should be used for weight loss (which are the two reasons I assume most people want to go on a cleanse.) They said they would still like to send me one to see what I thought so I agreed. This was before I signed up to do marathon #2 so my cleanse experience is not a typical one! I ended up eating oatmeal for breakfast still since I did run 2 out of the 3 days I did the cleanse.

I had so many thoughts on the whole experience I did a video on it:

The pros:

– 50 pounds of produce poured into my body in 3 days!

– I can’t remember the last time I was so well hydrated

– Helped me break out of some negative eating patterns

– Helped me remember what real hunger is (instead of eating from boredom)

– Bouts of amazing energy. I told my friends I felt like I was ‘juice drunk’

– For days after I literally craved green juice. My body was in love!

The cons:

– Legitimate hunger pains (I cheated and had some fruit and raw veggies)

– Irritable/anxious mood

– Felt weak for a few days after

– Hard to concentrate/work effectively

Overall, I am so glad I did it so I could have an experience with juice cleansing. I’d absolutely do it again when I’m not training! I looked at other juice cleanses and Skinny Limits is much more affordable than most others (although still not cheap!) I loved that their juices are low sugar and provide a decent amount of calories. Their raw green juices tasted amazing and so fresh. The crescent moon juice was this almond vanilla bottle of sweetness at the end of the day, but their scorpion lemonade was brutal! I’d recommend them to anyone interested in trying a cleanse and hope to try one of their other cleanses after my marathon.

Have you ever done a cleanse?

What would be your biggest fear of doing one? What would be your goal? 

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7 Responses

  • Carla says:

    now Im a little bit regretting telling them no :-) Im super curious but also HIGHLY AWARE Id not stick to it.
    so theres that :-)

  • noladot says:

    My goal would be not verbally assaulting everyone out of hunger. I would be willing to taste them, but I’mma fat girl, I gotta eat!!

  • I’ve done 2 – the master cleanse (before I was a runner and I wanted to lose weight ) and the shakeology cleanse (let’s you have salad for dinner). The master cleanse is a joke and is not healthy- I lasted 5 days of the 12 and was irritable and exhauted. Shakeology was better but all in all I’m not a big fan of juice cleanses because like you, I work out a lot, which makes me hungry for real food! I think real food detoxes are probably better but they are a little easier to cheat on because you are already eating food so it’s easy to slip! Im better with all or nothing sometimes.

  • Erin says:

    A year ago I did a 3 day cleanse as well. I’m impressed you had energy to workout. I did not! I had zero energy and called in sick to work on the first two days. But I did love the de-bloat feeling when it was over. I think there are better ways to detox than with only juice!