How I Made $15,000 my First Month with LuLaRoe

To say the last two months have been a whirlwind would be an extreme understatement. 

There's a joke among LuLaRoe consultants that everyone loses five pounds the first month they join due to the "LuLaDiet" which consists of forgetting to eat and being on your feet 12 hours a day!

I did my first LuLaRoe sale on September 13th. It was a live leggings scale in my Facebook group and I think I sold about 25 leggings in 30 minutes. I immediately knew this was going to be something big. 

I was second guessing my decision to become a consultant up until the moment I got the phone call to place my initial order (after you submit your application to be a consultant you wait 6-8 weeks in the queue for someone to call and 'onboard' you and take your initial order.) It was so much money, and LuLaRoe seemed to be everywhere I didn't want to get in on something right as the 'fad' was starting to end.

Well, this ain't no fad and my only regret is not signing up sooner.


In October I sold $26,000. That's the amount of money that was actually deposited into my bank account after the take their small processing fee for credit card payments. I spent $11,000 on inventory and supplies that month so my total profit for October was $15,000. I'm still in shock. 

Before signing up I spent dozens of hours researching what successful consultants were doing, and reaching out to those consultants who were closing up shop to ask them what went wrong. I knew from the start how to make this successful. I engage in my facebook group daily, I order a ton of new inventory every week, I get on live video often so my customers can really get to know me, and I'm extremely prompt and professional. 

It sounds basic but it's amazing how many consultants don't follow simple business principles. When people ask me if LuLaRoe is oversaturated I respond with the sad truth that many consultants who sign up will quit just because they aren't prepared for the work it takes to be successful.

I work about 20-25 hours a week primarily when my son is asleep. During the day I spent maybe an hour packing up last minute orders or responding to emails (I've already hired an assistant to help out in my group and answering emails!) When he goes to bed I usually work 8-11 p.m. 5 nights a week. 

My big sales happen on Saturday nights now. My group tends to prefer Saturday sales so I've gotten into a nice groove with that! I'll order about 150 new items just for that VIP sale. I'll spend one night unpacking, photographing (creating collages and uploading as well) and putting the new items away. The next night I'll take some group shots of hot items I received to use to promote the sale, and start hyping it up in my group. Saturday I'll post the link to my shop (I use a third party app called RoeWithMe) at 5 p.m. Alaska time (8 p.m. CST.) I'll get the majority of my sales in that first hour, so I'll start invoicing once my son goes to bed. By Sunday night 90% of people have paid so I'll spend Sunday evening packing up orders. I average about $2500 in sales from just that one sale!

The rest of the week I'll do 1-2 multiconsultant sales online, maybe one pop-up sale in someone elses group, and maybe a mini sale in my group. Tonight I did a surprise one hour flash sale in my group and sold $700.

My VIP group has about 8200 members in it and I LOVE my customers! I've also started training new consultants and have 13 amazing women signed up under me. One of my favorite things about LuLaRoe was that you can make incredible income without worrying about building a team.

I was so apprehensive to join LuLaRoe as I didn't want to have to spam my family and friends to buy my stuff or sign up. In the three months I've been either waiting to onboard or an actual consultant I think I've posted on my personal facebook page twice about being a consultant. LuLaRoe is exploding right now and women are rabid (literally) over these leggings. I can hardly keep up with sales as is I don't have time to bother my family and friends about it!

Tomorrow will be my two month anniversary with LuLaRoe and I've sold $40,000. I'm anticipating profiting $10,000 a month in 2017. 

In addition to that I know I will qualify for their annual cruise (to qualify you have to sell 12,000 a month for 4 months straight in a calendar year) and I'll also start receiving monthly bonuses based on whatever my team orders. The average bonus for a trainer (someone who has 10 or more consultants signed up under them) in 2015 was $40,000. Just in bonuses!

LuLaRoe is becoming more popular but it's still in it's early stages compare to other network marketing companies. It's only been around for a few years and there's about 40,000 consultants now. To put that in perspective there are over 2,000,000 Mary Kay consultants and about half a million Beachbody coaches and half a million Scentsy consultants.

If you are interested in becoming a consultant and have any questions please email me at If you know you would like to sign up and would like to be on my team then sign up here:

My team has an extremely active Facebook group where I get on to do live training's at least once a week and am very committed to helping my 'lulababies' reach their financial goals!