One Adult Thing You Need to Do Right Now

Most days I still feel like I'm a teenager playing house. I don't know why - I'm actually extremely responsible and do a pretty good job keeping a little human alive, working, taking care of myself and my husband, and making sure the house doesn't burn down.

My twenties were a hot mess. Actually, they were an ugly mess. I didn't get my ish together until late in the decade and I made a lot of mistakes along the way. After figuring out my life, and myself, there is one adult thing I did that I'm super proud of and think everyone should try their best to do!


Get Smart with Money. (Bonus: Pay off debt and use the money saved to invest!)

After getting married I moved in with my husband and we decided to live off of his income, and use mine for paying off debts and saving. I was able to pay off the rest of my student loan debt ($17,000!) in just over a year. After that we started aggressively paying off our cars, and saving.

Our credit score allowed us to get a ridiculously good interest rate on my new car this summer, so it really pays to take it seriously!

I actually bought my new car when Travis was away for work. I jokingly told him I'm going to make a habit of buying cars when he goes out of town. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to qualify on just my income, but with my credit score they were happy to take my business! My credit score has been very high for years, and it has saved me thousands (literally) in interest payments. I had been saving money to use toward a new car, but when I qualified for .05% interest I decided to invest the money in my IRA (which sees an average of 6% growth annually) and just make the minimum payments on my car loan.

Short version: good credit = lots of money saved! To keep my credit score high I check it regularly, always pay my bills on time and I've had one credit card since I turned 18! Length of time you have had your credit is a positive, so I'm glad I was smart with credit when I was younger!

By checking my credit history and score regularly I've actually found a few errors on my credit report. I was able to dispute erroneous charges and keep my credit score high. If you are interested in knowing what your score is then check out Discover Credit Scorecard. It's an online service that enables everyone to check their FICO® Credit Score for free - even if you aren't a Discover customer!

What's the latest 'adult' thing you've done for your credit?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Discover Financial Services. The opinions and text are all mine.