The TRUTH about LuLaRoe Leggings You DON'T Want to Hear

There's been a lot of talk lately about LuLaRoe leggings basically disintegrating while women are wearing them.

One widely circulated article has compared LuLaRoe leggings to a wet kleenex.

So, I decided to put both on today to see how LuLaRoe leggings compare to wearing a wet kleenex.

1. The wet kleenex is cold. LuLaRoe leggings are pretty warm. I live in Alaska and wear them outside comfortable anytime the temperature is above zero.

2. The wet kleenex tore the second I pulled at it. LuLaRoe leggings did not.

3. The wet kleenex was totally see through. LuLaRoe leggings are not. 

So, there are three ways in which LuLaRoe leggings are vastly superior to a wet kleenex.

All joking aside I would like to lay out some facts about the company. Since most of the negative articles circulating about LuLaRoe are filled with inconsistencies and incorrect information. 

Many of the articles say the leggings cost $40+. The leggings are $25 plus tax, if you live in a state with sales tax, and shipping if you purchase online. If you buy from a local consultant you're looking at paying $25-30 pending on state taxes.

The articles grossly over exaggerate the defective rate for LuLaRoe clothing. LuLaRoe sent an email out to all of it's consultants recently that stated the following: 

"The industry standard for defective or returned apparel products is about 2.5%; our return rate is at less than half a percent (0.051%). This number is proof of our commitment to quality assurance – especially when you consider the millions of items that we produce and ship."

Since starting as a consultant in September 2016 I've sold just over 1,000 leggings. I've had to damage out approximately 20.  

So, the truth about LuLaRoe that no one wants to share is that it's a great company making affordable clothing and enabling thousands of women to work from home and be their own boss. 

But that's not a catchy headline is it? The "LuLaRoe leggings rip like wet kleenex" filled with photos of leggings that have holes in them and quotes from upset customers are the articles that get shared hundreds, if not thousands, of times. They are click bait. 

Now I completely understand why a customer would be upset that their leggings came with, or developed holes. It sucks. Fortunately LuLaRoe has a great system set in place to handle these issues. All the customer has to do is return them to their consultant, and the consultant sends a photo of the damage to LuLaRoe. Within about a week I get a credit on my account for the pair. The customer can pick out a new pair and I get reimbursed.

Of course with the way LuLaRoe works the chances are they won't be able to find the exact pair that they originally had, but consultants should be doing everything they can to make sure the customer is satisfied. 

Every time I see another negative article about LuLaRoe being shared over and over on Facebook I cringe. It's not hurting the company. It's hurting the consultants. People like me. I'm an Army wife with a toddler son, a daughter on the way, living 4000 miles away from all of my friends and family.

LuLaRoe has given me a way to help my family out financially. It's given me something to do with my free time. I've made friends thanks to this company. I have an incredible team under me. I actually made trainer in just four months and am now in the top 10% of the company! Is the company perfect? NO! They'll be the first to admit that!

Patrick has explained the process repeatedly about how the leggings are made. The fabric is brushed with machines numerous times to get them to be so soft. That means it weakens the fabric a little bit, and even though they do quality inspections on all leggings they send out some do slip through the cracks and end up being sold by consultants. No company is perfect. I've purchased clothing from Target and department stores that had issues after the first wear. The strap on my Coach purse broke the first month. It happens.

While I have you all here I want to address two other criticisms I often hear. LuLaRoe is currently tranistioning all of its consultants onto a new sales system. The old system calculated tax based on where the consultant lived, not the customer. So, if you paid tax on an item but live in a tax free state that was wrong. LuLaRoe knows that. So, please email and they will reimburse you.

Also, LuLaRoe is sometimes described as a pyramid scheme. The bonus plan is structured so that sponsors (you have to have a sponsor to join the company) get 5% off of whatever you buy from LuLaRoe. So their bonus is based on what other consultants under them BUY. That's wrong. So, LuLaRoe is changing the bonus plan to be based on what consultants SELL. That's not wrong.

So, let's do a quick review:

  • LuLaRoe clothing has less than a 1% defective rate.
  • LuLaRoe leggings are much more comfortable than wearing wet kleenex
  • LuLaRoe is not a pyramid scheme
  • LuLaRoe is reimbursing anyone who was incorrectly charged sales tax. 

LuLaRoe is growing. It's changing. It's improving. Since starting my average profit has been about $6,000 a month. Even in the slow first quarter of 2017. I LOVE THIS COMPANY. If you'd like to shop sometime check out my shopping group on Facebook ( If you have any questions about joining just email me at