Oh, hey. Look what I did this weekend.

August 25th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Friday morning I had a gorgeous, but very hot and humid, 7 miler. When I got home I heard on the news that a runner had been shot in the face a few miles away from where I was and at the same time I was out. Scary! Thankfully he is okay but it just reinforces how crazy I am about running safety. I don’t think I even mentioned a few weeks ago that my friend Christina, a feature on this blog occasionally (Mom of the adorable puppy I share photos of!) was hit by a car last month. She was waiting to cross a road, made eye contact with a driver who was stopped, and he decided to try and peel out anyway. He ran straight into her and she flew onto the ground. She didn’t have any broken bones but the leg and arm on the side she hit the ground on were seriously torn up. I will never understand why people like to drive like jerks around runners. 2014-08-22 06.27.41

Saturday morning Travis and I headed out for an easy 8 miler. We were under a heat advisory all weekend so I’ve been hydrating like a boss and not feeling bad if I needed to take any walk  breaks. The 8 miles went pretty well, but I was super nervous about the 14 miles schedule for Sunday at my long run pace (which, contrary to most other marathon training plans, is faster than every day pace.)2014-08-23 07.37.43Saturday afternoon we ran errands and went to Jason’s deli for lunch. I absolutely love that place. I always get their salad bar and come up with a similar concoction; lettuce with red pepper hummus and couscous, plus some of their divine mini-muffins & banana pudding. They also have free ice cream so that happened. As well as two more mini muffins.
2014-08-23 11.20.45Since it was so hot out Travis and I stayed in most of the weekend. We wanted something fun to do so we picked up paint supplies at Michaels. He’s actually a legit artist. Me … not so much. So, I grabbed myself this paint-by-number kit for 8 and up. So much fun!

2014-08-23 14.59.57

While we were there he picked up this adorable Spooky Town figurine for me. I’ve been collecting Spooky Town for years and there was no way I couldn’t add this to my set!2014-08-19 18.59.29Sunday morning we headed out at 6 a.m. for our long run. I went into it thinking I’d allow myself as many breaks as need be and my goal was to try to keep my target pace of 10:30. I was floored that I didn’t need a break until almost mile 10! The weather was better than we thought, and the Hanson method is continually making me do things I think I can’t (and I will give an update on how the plan is going soon.) We only stopped once to run into a gas station for some drinks. I chugged half a coconut water and added the rest (diluted with cold water) to my bottle. About 20 minutes later I realized that was a bad idea. Warm coconut water is disgusting. 
2014-08-24 08.50.47 - CopyWe came home, stuffed our faces, and immediately laid down on the couch. We put on License to Drive (old 80’s movie starring the two Corey’s.) It was cute and the perfect nap-inducing movie!

Then, this happened.

2014-08-24 17.55.44I’m pretty sure it’s usually ordered by two people splitting it (you really can’t tell how gigantic it is in this photo) but …. I ate all of it. So good.

How was your weekend? 
How often do you push yourself past your perceived limits physically? 

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  • Awesome job on those runs! That plan would definitely intimidate me but it looks like you’re doing great! Anytime I set out for a long run or tempo I always wonder if I’ll be able to do it but it always seems to happen. Yet the doubt is still there.

    • Erica House says:

      Tempo runs are the most mind-screwing for me as well. But, I nail them about 75% of the time so I’m pretty happy with that!

  • SuzLyfe says:

    I totally agree with Michelle–long runs and tempos/speed work always make me question myself )even more so when I am actually out there), so it is the best feeling when you are able to complete them.

    • Erica House says:

      Those damn things gave me heartburn all night but I’ll be back for them again. Just cannot resist warm cheese + chips.

  • Carla says:

    it makes me happpy to see you so happy.
    and no :-)
    I DO NOT ROCK THE PHYSICALLY PUSH but I think it’s because Im so so so emotionally pushed lately?

  • HA — I thought I recognized that salad — we go to Jason’s Deli almost every Sunday!

  • Tina Muir says:

    Great job on the run, and lovely weekend! I think it is soooo important to push past your perceived limits (in a healthy way) sometimes. It is good for your confidence, and helps to show that the body is incredible for what it can achieve. So nice you have Travis to run with you too :) By the way, are you standing on your toes in that foot pic?

    • Erica House says:

      My Type A personality thrives on running since I’m able to constantly push myself further! Nope, not standing on toes in that pic!

  • Jenny says:

    Reading this makes me feel lazy. :)

  • Yum Yucky says:

    I tried that foil painting thing with Greedy Baby a few weeks ago and totally bombed at it. Glad to hear it actually works. hehe

    • Erica House says:

      Oh some of the paints are TERRIBLE. I did like 5 coats of the green color before I finally gave up. I’m not sure how I’m going to finish it. I think I will try one of the regular canvas ones next! I also don’t like having to mix the colors (I’m so lazy)

  • the best thing about running long distances is seriously the food rewards. Marathon training was the best for that reason. your nachos look fabulous!

    • Erica House says:

      I went a bit overboard with the rewards the first time around and gained too much weight, but I’m happy I’ve found a balance with this training cycle!

  • Oh my gosh running safety is so important! That’s terrifying that your friend made eye contact with the guy and he still decided he need to get wherever he was going a whole seven seconds faster and risk her life by doing so. People need to slow down and chill out! I’m thankful she’s okay and I bet (well, at least I hope) the accident helped that man to take a good look at his priorities too!

    Nachos are one of my biggest weaknesses, especially in the summer. I’m all about the mexican food in the hot summer months and I’m always all about salty chips covered in cheese haha

    • Erica House says:

      I don’t think I’ve had nachos in years but after trying this place out a few weeks ago I find every excuse possible to go back!

      Yes, aggressive drivers suck. I had another one today SPEED up when they saw me trying to cross the road. Really, is your life THAT pathetic?

  • All that food looks delicious! I haven’t done paint by numbers in so long! I want to do it again!

    • Erica House says:

      It’s so much fun! I love picking up craft kits geared toward kids. When I get these grand craft idea/projects in my head they NEVER pan out (or I give up 2 hours into it) so these are perfect.

  • Traci says:

    I had a 7 miler on Sat. We were under a heat advisory too & at 6:00 am when I started the heat index was already 90. I pushed myself because I didn’t want to take a walk break. I have a hard time starting back up if I walk. I managed to get it done! Congrats on your runs. That’s awesome!!

    • Erica House says:

      Grossss! You can certainly feel my pain though. I also have a very hard time starting up again after I stop. When I reach the point in my run where I’m realllly wanting to stop I start repeating in my head, “slow down don’t stop.” I stopped to walk for the first time at my marathon on mile 17 and it just went downhill from there. Aside from making my goal time my other goal is to just not stop!

      • Traci says:

        When I want to stop I tell myself “if you run you’ll be finished faster than if you walk”!! I also keep telling myself running in this heat will only help me once the cool weather gets here.

  • Alma says:

    Sorry to hear your friend got hurt. I hope the guy got cited or something. I had something happen when I first moved to my neighborhood that has always stuck with me. Back then, I used to walk to the grocery store–about a mile from my apartment. I was crossing the street and some guy literally hit me with his car because he almost blew the stop sign. Luckily, it was more of a tap than anything. I didn’t fall or anything, but I’ll always remember that he actually yelled AT me when I told him to slow down. Some people just have no sense and shouldn’t have licenses. Ever since then, if I’m walking and a car’s approaching, I’ll stop and tell them to go–waiting to move until they’re out of my path. It’s sad that I don’t trust drivers anymore, but better safe than sorry!

  • Amanda Papion says:

    Erica, do you ever worry about catching shin splints?

    • Erica House says:

      I used to get horrrrible shin splints but ever since I started doing trigger point on my soleus muscle I haven’t had any problems with them (unless I’m running in shoes that are over their mileage and need to be replaced.)