24 Weeks: The Good, The Bad, and Nachos

24 weeks 2

It’s been a ….. heck of a month. I jot down notes on my phone each week when any new symptom arises. For the last 4 weeks the only notes I have down are my weekly weigh-in’s! Physically I’ve been pretty good. Emotionally – I’m all over the place. Let’s start with the good stuff: […]

Fitness Friday: Lots of Cat Photos + I’m in Rhode Island!


Saturday: 3 mile walk Sunday: 3.1 mile walk Monday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30  Tuesday: 20 minute walk, 2 mile run, 20 minute elliptical Wednesday: Prenatal Physique Thursday: REST Friday: Walk/Run in Newport Another week of big-ass belly workouts. I know I should slap myself for even saying I look big now when I’ll double in […]

Fitness Friday: My 1st Mother’s Day Gift + S’more Love


Saturday: Xtend Barre (with ankle weights – such a great addition for any Barre workout!) Sunday: 6 mile walk Monday: REST Tuesday: Prenatal Physique + 3 mile walk Wednesday: REST Thursday: 4 miles (ran 2, walked 2) Friday: Tracey Mallet’s F.I.T. + walk/hike I’ve had another great week riding the second trimester high! My energy […]

Health News Bites: The real cause of obesity, the link between probiotics & ADHD/Aspergers, & More

Health Bites

Every day I scan through a few of my favorite health news websites. I’m constantly finding articles that I think would be great to share on here. This week I found so many that instead of just writing about one, as I normally do, I’m just doing a mini summary of the news articles. Sugar […]