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Real talk: I would drink a fancy juice every day if I could afford to. I can sometimes often slack on eating a balanced diet and I feel like juices, especially green juices, can help fill in some nutritional holes on days very few vegetables make it onto my plate (hey, it happens!) So, I was super pumped at the chance to try out the Evolution Fresh Juice line (which is actually surprisingly affordable, especially when they are on sale like the were at Publix recently!)


What makes Evolution Juices so great?

  • Evolution Fresh offers a variety of juice flavors like Organic Spicy Lemonade, Coconut Water and Greens, and Sweet Burn
  • Evolution Fresh peels, presses, and squeezes raw fruits and vegetables. After chilling, blending and bottling their juices, they use High Pressure Processing (HPP) to help protect flavors and nutrients. Click here to watch a video on how this process works. Note: while the fruits and vegetables used to make the juices are raw, the juices themselves are not.
  • You can have fun with them! Easy Icy pops recipe: Blend your favorite Evolution Fresh juice with diced fruit, pour in molds and freeze. You can even add a dash of your favorite adult beverage for an adult-only version (or skip the pops and go straight to a strawberry lemonade daiquiri!)

The #1 thing I love about Evolution Fresh? They are 100% JUICE. No added sugars, no weird chemicals or preservatives. Just look at the ingredient list – I can identify every single thing on it!

I’ve been drinking coconut water after every run this summer so I was excited to try out their Pineapple Coconut Water. It tastes just like my beloved coconut water but with a sweeter kick. After taking a sip I added the rest to a smoothie for Travis and I post-run last weekend. I threw it in my blender with 1/2 a frozen banana and a cup of frozen blueberries. Delicious and the perfect post-run sugar kick we needed!

IMG_7758Their Essential Greens with lime tastes VERY green so just be aware before you take your first sip! It’s tasty, and is crammed full of goodness, but don’t expect the sweetness usually associated with a juice. My favorite was definitely the Defense Up; this gorgeous concoction of orange, pineapple and mango. I will definitely be grabbing some more of that next time I’m feeling under the weather and want to treat myself to some extra vitamin C!

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Are you a regular juice drinker? 

What are other recipes you could see adding juice to?

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After taking a break from dating for most of 2013 I wondered how I’d handle dating a meat-eater. I’ve never dated a vegetarian, so I didn’t expect that to happen anytime soon. I  try not to  be one of those ‘preachy’ vegetarians. I really don’t care what other people eat, but I also didn’t know how someone would respond to me not cooking/eating meat since cooking is such a big part of relationships (it has been for me at least!) Thankfully, Travis has adapted quite well! Travis and I love anything with beans and rice (so versatile and affordable) and I’ve started showing him how adding a few spices or hot sauce to a basic meal can totally change the flavor of it.

I think our favorite meal of the day has to be breakfast. I ate the same thing almost daily for the last few years (oatmeal) but recently have been craving new flavors in the morning. When Travis and I headed to Publix last weekend to do our food prep shopping we picked up a few of these El Yucateco Hot Sauce is Top Shelf! (1)I’m a total wuss when it comes to super hot flavors so I couldn’t even muster up the courage to try the XXXtra Hot Kutbil-ik Sauce but Travis couldn’t even wait for me to take photos of it before he opened it up and tasted it! I warned him I looked it up online and saw that it was really, ridiculously, hot. He seemed to enjoy it, but also said it was almost so hot it would take away from the flavor of the dish so be careful to not use too much of it! I’m sticking with their Red and Green Habanero sauces. Loads of authentic flavor and a bit of heat without being overpowering.

While I know we will use the sauces often in burritos and bean & rice bowls I’ve been having a wicked craving for omelettes so we made our first omelettes together after a long run last Saturday. Again, this is one of those meals that is super easy for us to cook together and him to add meat to separately.

IMG_7760I made mine with 3 eggs, 1/4 cup of vegan chili, some cheese, hot sauce and sliced avocado. SO GOOD! It tasted like the omelettes I’ve paid $8-9 for at restaurants!
IMG_7765Travis added ham and jalapenos to his which I’m sure was delicious but mine was better!IMG_7768I love that I’ve found a way to jazz up an old breakfast stand by for me (usually I make scrambled eggs but I’m riding the omelette train for a while now.)

How do you handle cooking for different diets?
What do you like to put hot sauce on?

Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: 6 miles (11:00 pace)

Sunday: 10 miles (10:37)

Monday: 6 miles (10:50) + Jillian Michales 6 week 6 pack

Tuesday: 6 miles (10:00 average pace, 6×800 @ 9:15 pace)

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 10 miles (10:20 average, 6 miles at 9:50)

Friday: 6 miles (11:00 pace) + Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack

Total Miles: 44

Damn that’s a good week of running! We have had unseasonably cool mornings here so I was able to CRUSH my speed work on Tuesday and my Tempo run on Thursday. I didn’t have to stop to take a single walk break. That’s huge for me!

 Came across this cute Little Free Library on one of my runs:2014-07-28 06.15.52Took this post-run selfie after Tuesday’s speed work (thank goodness for awesome instagram filters.) Although I’m slightly disturbed that it looks like I have a beard.2014-07-29 07.08.37Got to run with this beautiful sunrise!2014-07-31 06.04.45So, aside from running I’ve been doing a lot of Sailor Moon watching. I’ve caught up on all the episodes on Hulu and one night I was inspired to go through some of my old childhood memory boxes and forgot how obsessed with that show I used to be! Of course going through those boxes spiraled into a night of reminiscing.

I’ve had these dolls for about 20 years. They are almost old enough to drink. I feel old.2014-07-28 19.24.57I started my very first diary when I was in 1st grade. I kept up with them pretty regularly until middle school. I’m so glad I did and held on to them as they are hilarious.2014-07-28 19.00.45Was anyone else obsessed with becoming a teenager? I remember reading Are You There God it’s Me Margeret like it was my bible. 
2014-07-28 19.06.575th grade Safety Patrol represent. And silk shirts.2014-07-28 20.10.08Not quite childhood but I’m glad I saved this as well. A little weight chart I started for myself when I decided it was time to lose weight for good back in 2007! I was 170 at my highest so I had already lost a few pounds when I drew this up. Further proof that I am a huge data/math nerd. You can also kind of see my monthly budget written on the back. Further proof that I love budgeting2014-07-28 19.13.38I remember eating the ears off of this coin purse. I have no idea why. I can’t imagine it tasted very good. 2014-07-28 20.15.47Finally, did anyone else have this jewelry box? I can’t believe the thing still works! I posted a video of it playing on my instagram and turns out a lot of you had the same one! Yes, that it a random bone in the background. I found it while out hiking with my dad when I was in middle school. I have no idea what it is. It could be a human bone for all I know. 2014-07-28 20.16.08Eats for the week have been okay. As I said in my post yesterday I’ve been really bad about not eating vegetables as much as I should so I made an effort to include as many as possible in my mini-food prep I did Wednesday. It consisted of steaming all the bags of frozen veggies I had in the freezer since I’m trying to save grocery money this week since I bought shakeology to start next week!2014-07-30 17.24.34After having my favorite egg white oatmeal for breakfast nearly every day for the last year I finally crave something different. I’m trying to make sure I include enough healthy carbs in my diet now that I’m running so much so my breakfast this week has been Udi’s GF bagels with onion and chive cream cheese. SO GOOD. Even though they are kind of pre-cut though they are really, really hard to cut in half and I’ve almost lost a finger a few times. 2014-07-31 08.40.08Last but not least – I finished the Summer semester! I took this awkward bathroom selfie to commemorate while praying no one would walk in on me. I had a wonderful set of students this year and it was a really nice ‘easy’ semester before I go back to teaching 5 classes in the Fall.
2014-07-28 09.31.51Once I submit my final grades I’ll have about two weeks off! I’m so excited to not think about lectures for a while and focus solely on writing and this blog. Oh, and spending a ridiculous amount of time with that cute guy with a Super Mario tattoo.

Do you have a lot of stuff from your childhood?
What was your favorite show as a kid?