11 non-running miles, Mini Golf, and Carbs


The weather was gorgeous this weekend (highs in the mid 70’s) so I tried to spend as much time outside as possible. Saturday morning I went on a 5 mile hike on my favorite trail. It helped me make lots of room for the feast at Buffalo Wild Wings that was to take place after. I […]

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Fitness Friday: Nature Deficit Disorder + a Career Change(?)


Saturday: Salem watch Sunday: Salem watch Monday: 4 mile run Tuesday: Tracey Mallet F.I.T. Wednesday: 4 mile hike Thursday: Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength Friday: 4-6 mile run + Yoga I’m so proud of my workouts this week! Aside from a rocky start this weekend not getting anything done due to SalemWatch 2015 I […]

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New Research Offers 4 New Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating

4 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is not easy for most people. I still struggle with choosing a healthy snack over a candy bar sometimes. I crave coke. I’ve been thinking about making an Angel Food cake that would last 2 days in this house. When it comes to eating healthy most people know what to do (focus on fruits, […]

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The Best Dinner Ever & Salem Goes Back to the Vet

Sweet potato froes

Thank you all so much for your kind comments about Salem! I woke up Monday and he seemed to be doing okay. As I was eating breakfast I noticed he would go to the litter box about every 15 minutes and I’d jump up to go watch him and see what he would …. produce. […]

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Fitness Friday: Progress + a Sick Kitty


Saturday: Rest Sunday: 5 mile run Monday: Ripped in 30 Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism Thursday: Rest Friday: 6 mile run or hike Considering I only worked out once last week this week was a massive success. The only thing I was disappointed by was not being able to workout on Thursday. I was […]

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